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GNS 430 missing features

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Hi there,


I've recently purchased the GNS 430/530 and a RealNav subscription. The possibility to update the database was the main thing I was after and I am satisfied with it.


However, seeing that the product page points to the manual of the real deal, I was kinda disappointed to find out that half of it doesn't work. I'm talking about the map page groups on the second nav page, the aux pages and the terrain on the 430. I didn't try the 530 yet, but I expect it to have the same features, or the lack there of.

Due to the missing aux pages, I also cannot turn off these annoying airspace alerts MSG.


While searching the A2A forums, I found a topic in which there were talks about and update to include some of the missing features, but that topic dates back to 2014 or something like that. Did I miss the update or it didn't come out yet? If the latter is true, is it still planned?


Older products from other devs are more complete, how is that possible!





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When Garmin writes 99% of the code, it's easy to be more complete.  We wrote our 430/530 from scratch and didn't use the Garmin trainer.  That means that we have to write absolutely everything ourselves.  We originally did not create this product for home users.  It was not our original intent at all.  It was created for use in training systems used at flight schools.  In that regard, a great deal of the features you are looking for just aren't used when teaching someone how to fly.  So, we didn't do a 100% recreation.  Our focus is always on what the flight schools need from our product.  Anything beyond that is gravy, though to be honest we like gravy on our mashed potatoes too.


Yes, we still intend to add more features.... no, we don't have a timeframe.

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