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EFIS Control Panel PMDG 737

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I'm trying to work with MCE and had a few questions for 737 users.  I cannot find any docs showing commands for the EFIS control panel for the NG 737.  I have looked thru all the command docs, but somehow I have missed it or it's not there.  I would like to change the map scale by voice and also the EFIS mode control switch from MAP, VOR, APP etc.  Also, I'm having problems finding the vertical speed commands as well.  That is, the V/S button to go into vertical speed and what the commands are to select (+/- feet per minute).  Every once in a while the FO does engage vertical speed, but I cant get him to select a vertical speed up or down.  

One more issue, is that i cant get the FO to select and altitude less than 1000 feet.  If I say set altitude 800 or 0800 or 800 he will select 8000'.  I would like to set the altitude to zero at times for certain approaches as well, but I am not able to.

Thanks for any help.




Dan Rice

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One more issue, is that i cant get the FO to select and altitude less than 1000 feet.


You can't get FO to set altitude zero. In addition, to prevent FO screwing a CAT III approach, if you request lower than 800 feet on MCP, he'll prompt for confirmation first. Just speak "seven hundred", "six hundred" or whatever and he should dial it


As for other commands, you can find them in documents related to complex aircraft (not those for default ones)....


Click Start->All Apps->Multi Crew Experience->Aircraft specific commands.


Set vertical speed XXX

vertical speed XXX

rate of climb XXX

rate of descent XXX


Vertical speed hold

VS hold

Vertical speed mode on


efis mode to ils

efis mode to map

efis mode to plan


nd mode to ils

nd mode to map

nd mode to plan


efis range ten miles

efis range twenty

efis range forty



nd range ten miles

nd range twenty

nd range forty



efis display waypoints

efis show airports



efis hide waypoints

efis hide airports



For non-dialling commands, should you have trouble memorizing those commands, you can use the undocumented translation power of VoxScript to create your own commands that would act as aliases for existing ones.


Let's say, the natural speech that comes to your mind to engage vertical speed mode is "I want vertical speed".


Go to <Command> tab in MCE user interface and click <Voxscript>


Normally <Voxscript> is there to help you build custom flows and that's what it's mainly there for.


But it has a second capability as a translator, when you only add a single command.


Create a new script and name it with the new voice you intend to use. In this case "I want vertical speed" (it can be anything you want, including "pull that knob next to altimeter dial".


Your custom command will be listed.


Select it and click <Edit>


Since you aren't building a custom flow here, just tick option "Verbose" so you can hear FO reply, then click <Edit script commands>


In "Edit Script commands", just click <Command> button and use one of the built-in commands that triggers VS mode. Example "vertical speed hold"


Do not forget to save.


From then on, speaking your own natural command would be understood by FO as if you spoke the built-in one. Kind of him reading your mind.


Custom commands can be anything you want. The only limitation is that built-in commands always take precedence over custom ones.


That means, if you script an existing one, the built-in one will execute instead.


If you can unleash this power, you can "educate" FO to do whatever you want, when you want, and using the most natural speech that comes to you.


For instance, could have commands such as "press that yellow thingy" to get FO to press master caution, if you can't remember (or care about) the proper command.


Note: In general, we have built very comprehensive speech grammars that will cater for many variations, and you'd be hardly pressed to create custom ones. At least not for seasoned pilots who know their aircraft. But the capability is there should you need it


And for non-Native English speakers, this means you can teach FO to understand your own language, or talk to cabin crew in your Native language.


Yes folks, this really is the closest to Shared Cockpit without the downside of having to beg someone to sit with you for 4 hours and him just waiting to get the gear and flaps down. :smile:

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