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What software got you hooked on Flight Sim?

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I think my first one was MS Flight Sim v1.0 that my brother had on 5.25". I also remember playing Chuck Yeager's Flight Trainer along in there somewhere. The first one I really fell in love with though was SubLogic's ATP.

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Psion Flight Simulator for the ZX Spectrum 48K was also my first flight simulator, but it was Sublogic Flight Simulator 2 for Commodore Amiga 500 that got me hooked into the world of flight simulation.

Christopher Low

UK2000 Beta Tester


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I believe it was Chuck Yeager's Air Combat  that on MS Dos

I'm pretty sure I played that one too!

|Ryan Butterworth|

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Great thread! I was a 7 or 8 when I used Psion Flight Simulator in a ZX81 I inherited from my grandfather (he hated the thing and gave it to me!). It ran from a cassette player and took forever to load.


But what got me really hooked was SoloFlight and FS2 in my beloved Apple IIe.


Then it was subLogic ATP, which to me was a game changer!!!




Enrique Vaamonde

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I think my first intro to FS was FS95 but the first flight simulator I ever really got addicted to was Jane's F15. For a game that's almost 20 years old, the visuals were/are pretty stunning for its time (Google image search it).

Garrett Frank

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Well well, i think my first approach to simming (if you can call it that way) was F-19 too.

But 2 games i remember with a little nostalgia, before stepping into FS were:


ATP Airline Transport Pilot (from 1990) and A320 from 1991/92, in my beloved monochromatic monitor of 14". :P


Nice old memories!!


Ignacio aka Tanocapo

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For me it started with the original version of Flight Simulator for the IBM PC in 1982. Floppy disk based (5 1/4" single-sided, 180K) with I recall four flying regions in the USA with a tightly limited number of airports, and also a small grid of a playing field for air to air combat with a Sopwith Camel. That and successive releases kept me interested. But the simulator that totally captivated me, perhaps forever, was subLogic's Flight Assignment:ATP.  Larger well modeled aircraft. The entire USA including all published approaches into airports, ATC that iHMO is still not replicated within the code of any subsequent simulator. Ability to configure weather and winds aloft, though in that day in the early 1990's took some time before each flight. And an extensive set of flight assignments with post flight scoring on proficiency, navigation, both lateral and vertical, and fuel burn efficiency.  It was also the platform for the first virtual airline, Sun Air, founded based on Flight Assignment:ATP on the Prodigy online service.


Who could make all that up?

Frank Patton
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Falcon of the AtariST blew me away.


As did Tomahawk on the ZX Spectrum. Looking at it now makes you realise how much your imagination came into play to fill in the graphical gaps.

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MicroProse Solo Flight (1983) & SubLOGIC Flight Simulator II (1984) for Commodore 64, and I was 29 - 30 years young.  Man, that seems like a long time ago.  Yep, I guess it was.


Yes!  I started with Solo Flight on the Atari 800 and then progressed to Flight Simulator II. (Still have the box on my shelf)


There was a Silicon Graphics computer at my dad's office around the mid 80's.  Silicon Graphics had a simulator then that was very well made.


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This video, last is FSX.

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CLIENT-PC = AS2016 - Project Magenta - SimToutch2Plus -Dolby Cockpit Sounds.

FSW -currently testing 


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After looking at some neat old DOS sims over on a social media site, I thought: "What sim/software really got me hooked into flight simulation?"


For me it was playing Microprose's F19 Stealth Fighter.  I believe it was released in 88.... which would put me around 5-6 years old hehe


After that I played various DOS sims, and eventually ran into MSFS 5.0 at a neighbor's house (first for dos, then later the Win95 FS95 version!)


FS98 - was the sim where I really started learning how to fly and navigate!


F19 Stealth Fighter



Outstanding. I didn't think anyone remembered this game but me. I put a ton of time in it although I was not very good at the realistic landings (I still suck at landing) I used to load up on ammo and mavericks and go across enemy lines and blow up everything I could find for max score then fly back over base and eject to safety. Yes I lost points for not landing but all the extra targets I hit raised my score and I got the medal of honor once. Think I retired as a colonel. There was a large book that came with the game about how to avoid the radars etc. Really enjoyed it and then pmdg 737ngx years later pulled me back in to flight simulation. 

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FS98-taking the first lesson and being awestruck at the instructor's voice-"try and track the runway centreline".


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Microsoft Flight Simulator for Apple Macintosh, April 1986.  Had bought a Mac for other reasons but was really upset there was no version of Flight Simulator for it.  Walked into the Rand McNally store on Sixth Avenue in Manhattan and saw the package - just like the "IBM Compatible" version but in red, not blue.  Moment of cognitive dissonance - I had no idea it was coming out, and it took me a minute to realize that yes, that was actually a Mac version of Flight Simulator I was looking at. Ran it to the cash register before I could find out it wasn't real.


Loved it.  In some ways, I think I got more enjoyment out of that version than anything that came after - just the mere fact that I could run Flight Simulator was amazing.  Did my first "networked" flight later that year - I met a guy on CompuServe's AvSIG, and we arranged to fly from separate destinations to Martha's Vineyard.  We flew at the same time, "met" in CompuServe chat, then flew back.  What passed for online flying in those days.


After that I started working my way through Charles Gulick's Great Flight Simulator Adventures books.


I still have the package on my bookshelf.





Alan Ampolsk

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After trying Flight Simulator on the PCJr, it was SubLogic's Flight Assignment:ATP that really got me hooked, complete with navigation charts and a nifty 3d cockpit upgrade option. 


I still have the manual  :smile:


After that, Propilot and Fly! and then FS98/2000/2004/FSX..


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