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Bug with Chronometer countdown timer

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Whilst getting re-acquainted with the J41 I've been going through the cockpit along with the Introduction manual, learning a few little tricks and lesser-known or lesser-used features along the way. I must have read it all once before but I've slept a few times since then.


Anyway, with the Davtron Chronometer (page 24 of the intro manual), I seem to have found a bug when setting the ET count-down timer. Steps to reproduce:

  1. Click SEL until in the ET count-up mode.
  2. Right-click the CTL button to switch to programming the count-down mode.
  3. Enter the desired time using the SEL button to step through the digits and CTL button to increment each digit.
  4. Finish setting the count-down time using SEL after the last digit.
  5. Observe how the digits are swapped for the selected number of seconds.

As an example, if you set a countdown of 1 second (00:01) it will switch to 00:10 (10 seconds) after you finish the entry. If you set it to countdown from 12:34, it will swap to 12:43.


Possibly an already-known bug, but I didn't find it with a search of this forum. Small one to fix for whenever the J41 gets some love for FSX:SE & P3D. That's not a hint! Or it might be :wink: (I'm still on FSX until I next reinstall Windows 10, so I'm OK for the time-being.)


Many thanks,



Martyn French

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Possibly an already-known bug


Possibly not.  I beta tested this bird and missed that and have not seen it in the forum.  Martyn, the best way to ensure this gets validated and fixed is to go to PMDG Product Support, create a support account if you have not done so already.  Support accounts are separate from sales accounts. Create a trouble ticket and copy/past your post.  Then what happens is the item gets looked at and put into the bug tracking system.  If it's not in the bug tracking system it will probably be forgotten.


Thanks in advance for doing this.


PMDG Product Support: http://support.precisionmanuals.com

Dan Downs KCRP

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That was a very professional bug report.  My hat's off to you my friend. 


I've been doing hardware/software testing and troubleshooting for a great many years, and the information in your report is precisely what we like to see from testers.


Best wishes.


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Thanks Dan and Dave for the feedback.


It may come as no surprise to find that I work in IT and I know how frustrating it is to receive little information from users when there are problems, so I try my best! :)


I'll open a ticket at the support portal as requested, thanks!

Martyn French

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