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Weather is messed up, i need some help

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Hello all


Okay, this is the situation.


I was trying to apply some tweaks to the original Rain40.fx. using




It eventually did not go as it should, & I ended up with heavy snow in SoCal when applying the Real World weather

Further more,  found that I do not have the Rain40.fx backup, so I assume I'll need the original Rain40.fx   


Any ideas to how to get back on track ???


Tnx in advance 





This is my post on SE Support site:



I messed up with the weather so I guess I need some help ...(-:


I opened Rain40.fx using Word Pad , copy past and save the file.


Went to look for Shaders10 but ended up with a folder by the name of Shaders, so no Rain40.fx_0x4700000000000000_0x0f to delete 

I re started the sim and now I get heavy snow when setting up to "Real World weather" 

I though I can reverse back by using the Rain40.fx backup file but for some reason I can find it

Any thought and some help will be highly appreciated 


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Have you tried verifying the game cache?  It's like doing a repair for the boxed version.


You do this by going to your Steam Page, Click View at the top left and Click Game Details in the drop down bar, this will bring you too your list of Games.  Find FSX, right click and click Properties.


You will see this. Click Local Files,  then click  Verify Integrity Of Game Cache.   This will rerun the installer and replace any damaged or missing files

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..tnx for the prompt payment and your advice.


I followed your instruction, and verified the integrity, got about 190 files, which seems to me like SE took care of it. I checked the Rain40.fx, and it has been rebuild so I lunched the seems picked the RW Weather and still the heavy snow in Sunny day in SoCal ....(-:


Any other ideas ???




when first edited the files I used the word-pad editor, It did not let me save it as .fx but as .txt files, I, now, see all the files got the word pad icon with the extension *.fx ...not sure it suppose to be like this             

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Share on other sites no remedies, ha .... I guess reinstall will be the only way to go  :Thinking:

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