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Wilco Falcon 7X (2)

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Version 1.6 is out and the following is not addressed :


1. Frame rates down from version 1.4
2. VOR2 still indicating the wrong direction with no DME
3. ADF still incorrect direction indicating.

4. Pulse landing lights working but globe to the right of light position.
5. When changing the course the course indicator keeps on changing course by it self continuously to different values. (In a loop changing the course value)
6. Landing lights working but globe to the right of light position
7. GS holding incorrect no descend on the GS but aircraft is climbing.
8. Strange 2 x white lights on the tail.

9. When v/s option is selected in autopilot when changing the vertical speed with the roto the v/s jumps to 1100 v/s no matter the value change it jumps back to 1100. (Bug V1.0b returns in V1.6)
10. The True North and the Mag North indicate the same value when airborne making the indicated Mag North value out with about 30 degrees.
11. No callouts of altitude on finals.
12. Not following the waypoints in the flightplan and AIRAC data incorrect or incomplete.
13. No option to adjust the brightness of the HUD in day time makes it unusable.
14. The sound recorder was not near a Falcon 7x (A default mixed awful unrealistic sound)


At the moment it is only possible to fly this aircraft VFR and what a shame with all the high tech on board that is not working.

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it is clear that this bird is dead! since wikco are not able to fix any of the following issues, (???) the should redraw this crap and straight ahed go and pay the customers their money back! asap! and start from the very beginning. (if its woth it...) this 7x must go to history as the biggest shame and joke in the fs world! after six, (6!) updates, wilco still havent managed to fix these issues that should have been fixed long ago! i am speechless, beyond words about this pice of... well, im not going to use the words here...

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