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Effective immediately - restrictions on downloads of FSS transferred licenses

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Looks like you're absolutely correct, Jeroen:

"Nothing has been amended, we've made zero changes since my email yesterday. It was always only the manual downloads which were restricted. My mistake was not communicating this clearly, which caused all the fuss :) "



I couldn't check for myself, as I want to keep my licenses with FSS for the time being. So I read and interpreted the ORBX email and the ensuing communication like the other 7 billion earthlings did.


Glad this thing has been sorted quickly. Now when will the first ORBXDirect sale in the history of mankind start?   :P

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Guest Raven9000

Not true. If you own it in FTXC3, you will get the updates even if you install from the FSS wrappers.


Sorry, you are wrong. You will not get anything:



Q4 Why do I need to transfer my Orbx licenses from my FSS account?

A4 You don’t have to, it’s completely up to you. However, all customers wanting to purchase new Orbx addons, and download updates for existing Orbx addons previously purchased from FSS will need to transfer their Orbx licenses from their FSS accounts to OrbxDirect.

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I have 6 different Orbx products but when I updated to Central V3.30 it showed them all except for Open LC Europe (which is installed).

I contacted Orbx about the migration from FSS and they said I had to have the original emails from FSS otherwise they could not do anything.

I no longer have those emails (it was bought years ago after all) but I did record from FSS the following copied from their emails at the time.

  • the order number
  • the order date
  • product name and title
  • the product key

Why can't that be enough? What am  going to miss out on as a consequence?




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