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What do you miss about the old days?

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I agree with jimburke on point numbers 7 and 8 especially! Oh and I miss when music was about music, not big bouncing titties, the same old rubbish about "love" when it's actually about profanity, debauchery and sin, when sport was played by honest people who really cared about the game, and when we didn't have Facebook - eugh, what nonsense, haha! You know, when people actually listened, cared, spoke with each other, rather than just mimicking others' experiences and taking moronic selfies and creating endless status updates, both of which actually detract from the thing one allegedly does!

Whew, what a rant!

Oh and 'member berries...I miss those too.

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Man...do I like what Jim Burke said.  I just CAN'T improve on that!



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jimburke nailed it. However, I would personally add...


-- Getting an old fashioned, personal Letter in the Mail, from an old Friend.


-- Common courtesy.


Maybe this has always been this way, but the feud over VC versus no VC bothers me sometimes; a Freeware airplane may have excellent flying qualities, it's fun to fly, and it looks great. But, if it doesn't have a VC, usually it'll be summarily dismissed and thrown aside like a piece of waste paper...


Alan   :nea:

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I miss the following.


1. People taking pride in their appearance and dressing up for work. Once casual Friday took over in the late 90's and early 2000's, it's been all downhill from there.


2. Miss people being more polite to each other.


3. Miss the fact that people didn't feel so entitled to have anything they wanted without having to work for it.


4. Manners


5. I miss the fact that when things didn't go people's way they usually found a way to deal with it and move on. Just look at the crying and melt downs people are having his week when their chosen candidate didn't get elected.


6. Men wanted to be masculine and women wanted to be feminine. Now people want to be identified as all types of genders or gender neutral. New York City has a list of 31 different gender types. What ever happened to being either being a man or a women. Guess I'm just old fashioned.


7. I miss people saying please and thanks.


8. I miss the fact that people used to drive without having their eyes looking at their smart phone instead of looking at the road. Before cell phones became really mainstream I used to ride motorcycles and also cycle on public streets, with the only fear of being hit by a drunk driver. Now your more likely to be hit by someone texting that being drunk. I don't motorcycle or cycle anylonger.



I miss all these things so much it hurts.


There is one other thing I miss as a old time clubber/DJ. The slow dance at the end of the night.  :wub:

The rave scene killed men and women dancing together.. 

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Old games...


Remeber when computer games came in full fat cardboard boxes, with massive paperback manuals, and had no copy protection or online verification, and very few bugs?


Those where the days!

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Simmerhead - Making the virtual skies unsafe since 1987! 

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Tom Allensworth, God rest his soul.

Engage, research, inform and make your posts count! -Jim Morvay

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At 73 I miss so many things, but here are a few;


- Buying a game and owning it.


- Answering your phone and actually talking to someone.


- Being able to fix my car myself, now I am lucky if can find the spark plugs.


- Mom and Pop stores. Remember the little grocery store on the corner?


- Hanging with the guys at the A@W drive in.


- Cars that looked cool and had style and when a Chevy looked different than a Ford. 


- Young love, need I say more?

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Paul Grubich 2017 - Professional texture artist painting virtual aircraft I love.
Be sure to check out my aged cockpits for the A2A B-377, B-17 and Connie at Flightsim.com and Avsim library


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My serious list excluding items already touched on above...


Living in a society, rather than an economy.


A high standard of written English was required in order to work as a journalist.


Newspapers went looking for stories, instead of just regurgitating press releases or copying and pasting Twitter output.


There was no reality TV


50-minute documentaries that had 50 minutes of content, instead of 25 minutes of content padded out with look-aheads and recaps.


Even more recently, crazy things like MTV showing, you know...music and the History Channel showing...wait for it...history programmes.




But let's not get too misty-eyed about a past that included things like:


Flight sims with wire-frame graphics


VCRs that you had to programme


No microwave ovens


Loading games from a cassette


No Satnav or Google Street Maps/View - remember actually having to ask for directions (shudder!)


4 TV channels...and no remote control!!!

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Paul Synnott


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 Remember when jet nacelles had to be modeled with angles, and we were all elated when they were finally round in later years...


I too miss civility in our new world: the days before the Internet, "social media", selfies, fear of being hacked, really nasty PC viruses, cable news pundits, having dinner with both adults and children when they were not looking down at the cell phones in their laps.  Plus I live in South Florida - as this State has no laws against cell phone use, or texting while driving, the roads here are esp. dangerous...


One fine memory I still have from long ago: the very first taste of a Quarter Pounder with Cheese! 

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Air accident documentaries in which not in the first 2 seconds the final outcome is already revealed.

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