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747-400 automation?

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I was wondering how the 47-400 stacks up against the T7 as far as automation. Is there more crew interaction as far as setting up the over head and other functions of flying the aircraft such as tuning radios for the approach etc? Will I have to work harder for that fat pay check I'll be making as a 747 captain?

I hope it's more like the 737NG in that regard.

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There is more automation in the 777 than in the 747-400 (don't know for the -8).


Some exemples: 

_ Anti-ice: wing and engine anti-ice operation is mostly automatic on the T7 while it is fully manual on the 747-400


_ Fuel transfer: On the T7, the only think you have to do is to switch off the center pump when you reach a low level on the center tank but to prevent the wear and tear of the pumps when running dry.

On the 747-400, you have to switch off stab pumps and center pumps when the respective tanks reach low levels to preserve the pumps. But for fuel balance you have also to monitor the fuel in the tanks 1,2,3 and 4 and switch off the override pumps and close the crossfield valves 1 and 4 when quantity in tank 2 equals tank 1 and tank 3 equals tank 4.

So you more actions to do manually in the 747-400 with regards to the fuel management than in the T7.


_ Another big difference is the flight control laws that are different in both models with the T7 having different trim law than the 747-400 (trim for speed).


Otherwise the FMS, FD and MCP are pretty similar in both models so you won't see much difference. On a long haul, it actually doesn't make much difference to my opinion, a couple of more switches to manage on the 747-400.


This is at least for a normal flight when everything goes well. I'm not talking about failures and abnormal procedures as the aircrafts are really different in the internal systems in terms of engines, electrics, hydraulics...

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I agree that I rather have more, rather than less, to do when flying these marvelous machines.  It keeps one engaged, and in the moment.  To that end, I rather hope that PDMG, once the entire 747 project is complete, will do an early version of the 737, or....dare I say earlier incarnation of one of these Boeing machines that flew us through the 60s and I know some have written that folks would simply take one of these old beasts up for a spin and then park it for good- but I disagree - I love the navigational challenge and the extra attention to weather that these old birds require.  Bring it on!  I love a challenge.  (And I'm a sucker for the old steam gauges...)


Mark Trainer

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