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iFly 747-400 MCP and EFIS aupport

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I have your MCP and EFIS modules and use them for simming in FSX.
They work 100% with PMDG NGX and, say, 90% with PMDG 777.
Fortunately, the MCP also works on some basic level with iFly 747.


Would it be possible to make them work more with the iFly 747?

Including the backlight and EFIS functions, even partial.


I understand full support may not be possible, e.g. due to the differences between the autopilot models.

But since you also offer iFly 744 VCDU, I belive you could make the add-on more compatible with the modules.


Hoping for positive feedback and thank you in advance.

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Hello Rafal,


The support level we can implement is directly related to how much of the SDK implemented by the add-on vendor allows for that.

Since, as you point out, the VCDU support is already achieved and being the CDU one of the most complex items, the MCP should be possible.

However, we will have to go and evaluate if that is really the case.

As this is the first time we get this request, we simply don't know the answer.


I have already entered a Change Request into our change control system requesting such evaluation.

But this is not a priority just now, and I expect it to be reviewed early next year.


Best Regards,



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Hello, Ricardo!


Muito obrigado for replying to my post.


I am a bit surprised nobody asked for iFly 744 support.That might be due to the fact still not many people use your modules.

They just don't know they are so good for such an affordable price. And maybe some believe the module called MCP737 will support only a 737.


It's a pity it won't be a priority for you, but I do understand and respect it.

Anyway I am, and will be, looking forward to getting your support for the 747.


All the best!

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