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iFly 737NG $10 off at Flight 1 ($44.95 for FSX, $69.95 for P3D)

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$70 for iFly all models of 737 versus $90 for PMDG 800/900 only. I know that PMDG is top shelf, but I'm not a super-hardcore-simmer. I belive that differences are not dramatic? It's hard to find any review of iFly for P3D v3.

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I have it and I would say it's worth the money.


I am not seeking perfection with this simulation too, and it gave me just the perfect balance between complexity and the liberty do to a quick takeoff of with this 737 without having to go over pages of checklists.

However, the Cockpit feels a bit aged with respect to mouse handling of all switches and wheels. You have to aim carefully and the mouse wheel as a control for dials and switch positions is not implemented everywhere. This means you need to aim for the +/- signs looking at the tool tips to be sure to flip a switch into the right direction. Sometimes it is better to control things on the 2D panels especially if it comes to Overhead Panel operation.

Apart from this drawback you have plenty of configuration settings regarding the AC type/engines/cockpit layout and plenty of paints as well.

I did the tutorial flight once to get familiar with the plane. Then I could make her go with out the manual.


Best Regards


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