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Track IR 5 is so dependable I forgot how to adjust the settings after about 6 years, LOL

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After not having to mess with any T-IR 5 settings in about 6 years, and with it having been on a 24" monitor, 32" HDTV, and a 55" HDTV with zero issues, it started acting a little unstable 3 days ago.


I finally started playing with the settings tonight and it seemed to be so much harder than I remember to fine tune it.


First of all I pulled the 55" TV closer to me and since the T-IR camera is so high I angle my hat up, and it works fine.


Anyway, moving everything in some helped but it was jittery and super fast (Highly sensitive, even hyper so).


Then I noticed two tiny sliders and instantly remembered, and laughed, and felt dumb.


The two sliders are speed and smooth under motion control, with speed at 1 and smooth at 50 it is buttery smooth again.


That is a testament to a superior product, the fact that you set it when new, don't have to adjust it for 6 years, then it's only a matter of adjusting  two sliders after remembering, LOL.

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