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VSync not working in FSX only

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Hello people,


I already asked this question in the MS FSX forum, but nobody seems to be able to help me.


Remember the VSync 1/2 refresh rate discovery a few years ago, with the new levels of smoothness it would get us? A topic about this was posted here a few years ago. Basically this option would allow us to run FSX smoothly and fluidly, and of course eliminate the tearing. It's simple: if you can maintain 30 FPS at least, you can enable VSync 1/2 refresh rate in NVIDIA Inspector (for 60 Hz monitors), and get a super smooth FSX.


Without it, FSX should run pretty smoothly too (it does on my system), but it's just not the same smoothness as VSync 1/2 refresh rate)


Anyway, the problem: I always used to run this VSync 1/2 configuration a few years ago. It always worked fine and would make FSX that extra bit smoother. Back in 2014 I left this hobby on the back-burner for a while. But recently I started flying again, and updated all my add-ons and drivers. The only thing that changed in the mean time was my upgrade to Windows 10. I did a few flights, and FSX worked just fine, no crashes, no glitches. But due to new driver installs, I lost my NVIDIA Inspector settings. Of course, I wanted to reconfigure NVIDIA Inspector and the AA settings. So there I went, I re-configured it, fired up FSX, and noticed my AA settings were just fine, just like a few years ago. But I noticed my frames were running unlimited, and not at 30. Yes, I know, this VSync 1/2 tweak works best with the FSX internal FPS limiter, but without it FSX shouldn't be running at random FPS. It should rather hop between 30 and a random FPS number all the time. It should at least make an attempt to maintain 30 FPS, but it clearly wasn't. Tried with 30 FPS internal limiter, and the smoothness I was used to wasn't really there. I also saw no input lag, and some tearing. So VSync wasn't working.


Re-checked my settings:



I don't see what I did wrong.


Then I tried to apply similar settings to GTA V, and guess what? VSync 1/2 works perfectly fine there! I don't normally use these settings in GTA V, but it was just a test to see if it was exclusive to FSX. And it is. 


So I started troubleshooting:

- Disabled NVIDIA Inspector and tried via the regular NVIDIA Control Panel (Adaptive VSync (half refresh rate)

- Deleted the NVIDIA driver and deleted all folders and registry entries, then reinstalled the newest driver

- Updated Windows

- Deleted fsx.CFG and let FSX rebuilt the default one

- Checked if FSX was running as administrator

- Tried standard VSync, Adaptive VSync, normal refresh rate, half refresh rate, 1/4 refresh rate. VSync just won't apply.

- Re-added the fsx.exe executable to the NVIDIA Inspector software and NVIDIA Control Panel

- Tried Flight1 registry fixer tool

- Did a virus scan

- Tried older drivers from 2013 and 2014, of which I knew they used to work with FSX and VSync 1/2.


Everything to no avail.


Are any settings in FSX, or outside FSX, that could possibly prevent VSync from applying?


System specs:

Windows 10
Asus P8Z68-V Pro

i5 2500K @ 4.6

Asus GTX 670 2 GB
Corsair 8 GB DDR3 2133 MHz
Crucial m4 128 GB (Windows)
OCZ Vertex 4 128 GB (FSX)

WD Caviar Black 1 TB
OCZ 700W

Monitor: Asus VS278Q 27" 60 Hz 1080p

Arjen Vandervelde

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I had this exact same thing happen to me, with the exception I was using windows 7. 


It is not the nvidia or fsx settings...  Its some strange issue with windows aero if you can re-enable it, the screen tearing should go away.

Flight Simulator's - Prepar3d V5.3/MSFS2020 | Operating System - WIN 10 | Main Board - GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS PRO | CPU - INTEL 9700k (5.0Ghz) | RAM - VIPER 32Gig DDR4 4000Mhz | Video Card - EVGA RTX3090 FTW3 ULTRA Monitor - DELL 38" ULTRAWIDE | Case - CORSAIR 750D FULL TOWER | CPU Cooling - CORSAIR H150i Elite Push/Pull | Power Supply - EVGA 1000 G+ 

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Why do you have frame rate limiter off? I have @ 30 even if you use in sim.

Asus Rampage VI Extreme Encore(water Cooled) EVGA RTX 3090 FTW3 Hybrid, 64 DD4 @ 2800 2 x 2x M.2 in raid 0.


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