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Will these specs run P3D or FSX:SE better?

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So after hours and hours of trying to configure my new computer (AMD A8-6400@3.50 GHz: Quad Core, 8GB RAM, GTX 950, 2 TB, Windows 10 64 Bit), I can't get FSX:SE to run well at all on it. I get 5-7 fps in the NGX and I know I should get more than that. I have FTX Global, the NGX, PMDG 777, Aerosoft Airbus, TFDI 717, and various scenery addons installed. I am really interested in getting something to run correctly, so I basically have two questions. Do you think I need to tweak FSX:SE more, or do you think I need to get P3D? Additionally, do you think that this computer will not run either games well? Should I spring for a more powerful computer? If so, all my budget could allow for is: Intel i7-6700@3.40 GHz: Quad Core, 16 GB DDR4, GTX 1060 6GB GDDR5, 240 GB SSD and 1 TB Harddrive. Thank you for your input.



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5-7 FPS seems drastically slow, as if something is very much wrong. Your current system isn't top of the line, but something seems very much wonky if all you're getting is that. 


I think some investigation is needed to see what's up there before you opt to buy a new set of gear. But, it still won't be as fast as what you've spec'ed out... 




Intel i7-6700@3.40 GHz: Quad Core, 16 GB DDR4, GTX 1060 6GB GDDR5, 240 GB SSD and 1 TB Harddrive


The new specs will run either FSX or P3D well, but for P3D I'd recommend stepping the video card up to a 1070. Perhaps don't buy the 1060 now and continue use your GTX 950 for the time being in the new box... then, after a bit of penny saving, buy the 1070. 


The new gear will certainly get you to a better place, but if you can set aside some instant gratification and hold out for a 1070, you'll be happier in the long run. 


Good luck!


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I do not think that P3D will perform better on your rig than FSX-SE.


You've got a lot of fancy addons on a not very robust computer.. that is going to be tough to live with, no

matter how you slice it.


Turn back a bunch of settings to see if you can get to 20 fps solid, for starters.


Traffic=0, Weather=clear skies,  Shadows=off,  Autogen=medium as a first test.

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FPS is all in the settings...  See my specs below... even with this computer if I turn EVERY SINGLE option ON in P3D I only manage 12-13fps.

But with some carefull tweaking I am able to maintain 30fps anywhere.

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GTX 950


There's your bottleneck, don't look any further.

Although the processor itself isn't quite the champion too.

Any, in my honest opinion, personal experience and all I've read should switch on P3D.

And you should really switch on Intel, at  least on your next upgrade. :smile:

I migrate quite late on P3D, I was, guess like you, a little bit suspicious. But I'm more than happy now.

And slowly moving my herd from FSX to P3D. Some aren't compatible but most are.

I have constantly 60+ fps, on some sparse scenery even 120+ fps, with graphic options on mostly high setting in P3D and I have quite modest specs - i5 3570K, originally 3.4GHz OC on 4.1GHz, GPU GeForce 770 GTX 2GB, 8GB of RAM. Also, I have W7 64, but not sure if that makes any difference.


Anyway... good luck. Hope you solve this cause those frames are way way bellow anything pleasant to fly with. :Thinking:

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Skip the i7 and get an i5-K model and overclock, i7 isn't worth all the extra cash for ANY sim. Better to have 4 superfast cores than 4 cores at stockspeeds with hyperthreading that does little good in either FSX or P3D.

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