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747 v3 Steady VAS increase [Due to nVidia drivers - not 747]

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4 hours ago, JuicyTortillas said:

I can't say any of these "Nvidia" fixes have helped one bit for myself and others that I know. Neither .33 nor .53 have made any difference at all. 

Keep in mind that using the older drivers doesn't magically give you more free VAS on startup. In my experience, the starting VAS with the older drivers was more or less the same as with the new. The big difference was that, while using the newer drivers, VAS would continuously bleed off until reaching OOM, while with the older drivers (both 33 and 53), I never see this steady decrease. In fact, with the older drivers I was once able to take off from JFK with the FSUIPC VAS warning dinging up a storm, only to stop over the Atlantic and allowing me to land 7 hours later at CDG without OOMing. Impossible to do with the newer drivers.

Walter Meier


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I'm sticking with the good ol' 376.33

The difference between this driver and the new series (380 current), is that this one actually releases unused resources and frees up the VAS... The new drivers just fill the VAS up to the OOM point. For example:

FlyTampa EHAM, AS2016 overcast, 100% traffic, A320X - Available VAS around 600MB (close to the red line). After take off about 400-300MB remaining (on flight online I might also get a 250MB alarm). Enroute to EDDF, available VAS increases to 800-900MB. Landing at Aerosoft EDDFv2.01, 500MB remaining. Quick turnaround and flew back to EHAM with the same figures.

Same example flight with the PMDG 747v3 - Available VAS at EHAM around 1200MB. Landing at EDDF with 800-900MB to spare. 

The above flights are impossible with the new drivers, as the VAS will only increase and eventually will OOM either shortly after take off from EHAM (with the A320) or on the approach to EDDF (with the B747v3)....



Martin Martinov / VATSIM 1207931



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I was seeing these leaks with latest NVidia drives and rolled back to .53 (which I'm still running) BUT was still seeing VAS vanishing progressively over time, almost as much as it was with the latest drivers. After much experimentation I nailed this "other leak" to down clouds, nothing else. I was running some old textures from an old version of AS, replacing these with 512 textures from Rex4 not only significantly improved my base VAS usage but also cut the progressive leaking of VAS to a mere dribble. I'm now completing flights with 6-800mb more VAS than before and/or avoiding reboots on really long flights.

Moral of the story - leaks are not just caused by NVidia drivers. Have a look at your cloud textures too!

Bill Casey


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