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[POLL] What do you think PMDG will do next?

What do you think PMDG will do next?  

601 members have voted

  1. 1. What aircraft do you THINK they will make or update?

    • 737NGX Update (New LED lighting, fuel cutoff switches, Scimitar winglets etc)
    • Boeing 757
    • Boeing 767
    • Boeing 737 MAX (Possibly combined with an NGX update?)
    • Boeing 787
    • Anything 777 related (please comment)
    • Other (please comment)
  2. 2. What would you LIKE them to make or update?

    • 737NGX Update (New LED lighting, fuel cutoff switches, Scimitar winglets etc)
    • Boeing 757
    • Boeing 767
    • Boeing 737 MAX (Possibly combined with an NGX update?)
    • Boeing 787
    • Anything 777 related (please comment)
    • Other (please comment)

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I thought the 748i / F was next up, but I may be wrong - sorry if I am. Personally, would love an MD-11 v.2 - class add-on that one! ;)

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I'd love to see a 757. However I reckon they'll be putting all their work into the NGX update. Which is unfortunate, as I'm more than happy with the NGX in it's current state. And it's definitely not enticing enough to make me buy it again.


Agreed, the level of detail is already more then enough. And I would never buy it again, especially if it's still 32bit. Many people have already bought 2 copies of pretty much the same thing.

Jim Shield

Cybersecurity Specialist

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Nice to see posts like these.Keep in mind that they have in mind




Someone mentioned that they did not make it first.Thats true because LR and ER have the same engine type and ER have 3 different engine types thats why.


737 remake or even the 737 max version.



in progress



did you remember that?



is the leader of the real market right now but if pmdg is thinking about make one they have to take into consideration how qw will be.The good news is that 737 max and 787 have common  lcd's funcionaliity or no?



sooo many people ask for this aicraft.We dont know if level-d is working on the 757  right now or if  they canceled it.


FSLabs with PMDG alliance..as somebody mentioned.No way.Two different companies with diferrent ambitions.Let fsl do the airbuses and pmdg do the boeings.


X-plane 11 moving.....keep in mind that the p3d 64 bit and the DTG flight simulator in 2017.Big competitors to xplane

i think ,definetely the future is the P3D 64 bit and the fsx will be replaced with the new DGT like fs9 years ago.So i believe that many developers have taken this into account.


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I don't know what they may actually update or make in the future - I am not a current customer and am not educated on their products, current projects, etc. However...


I want them to:


1. Bring the DC-6 to P3D

2. Make more vintage airliners, maybe take it back to the DC-1 next.


I only fly GA prop planes in my sim, but I am willing to jump in to the PMDG community as soon as I can purchase the DC-6.



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Guest BeaverDriver

This is all pie in the sky of course, but what I wouldn't give for a PMDG Boeing 727 (both 100 and 200 versions, but that's REALLY getting into fantasyland). One of the most successful airplanes ever built and there are still some around today. Talk about rugged, when I was flying 185's up in the Canadian Arctic, there was a lodge I would pass by many days on Great Bear Lake. They had a 5,000 ft dirt runway there, and one day I heard an airplane call inbound for the lodge. They were over the south end of Great Bear Lake and I was near the peninsula that the lodge was on, so there were a good number of miles between us. I called them back to let them know where I was but told them "no conflict" since there was still 40 miles or so between us. Well, not so fast. They said they'd keep an eye out, then told me their aircraft type - a Boeing 727-100! And yes, they came in there pretty much every week during the summer, and never had a problem either getting in or out. First Air used to operate -100's off the ice on Great Bear when they had them, way back when. They were/are truly an outstanding airplane. They don't build them like that anymore.

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other- L188 Electra. Clocks ticking onlast remaining flyable Electras.


KBT was fine for its light content


David Barnett

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Hi, PMDG already stated they will update 737/777 to meet new standards. [...]


Let's say the 747 is at 100% (newest standard)...

From my point of view the 777 would be at 99% and the NGX would be at 98%.


I would not even think a second about buying the 737 again as the current version is - again my p.o.v. - almost the same level as the 777 and the 747 are.


A 737 64bit would be a whole different story.

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Bring back the Beech 1900! A guy can only wish, right?? Haha  :Tounge:

-Chris Crawford


- B737 / B777 / B-727 / EMB-145 / LR-JET


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777-200 and the 200ER is what I think I remember was a possibility they mentioned. I also think I remember hearing they would not be doing a 757/767 project otherwise I may have voted that way. I wish PMDG could do them all of course but who knows...the DC-6 was a huge surprise to me. Maybe they'll shake it up again...see you back here in 3+ years :) 

I'll be more than happy with the -8 expansion and the rest....but

My ultimate PMDG dream plane, that I think is a semi long shot... (since Rob loves the 747) would be the 747-100. I would be most pleased.


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As per my answers in the poll:


What I expect:  737 update


What I would like:  A PMDG-quality 787


But as stated in this thread and elsewhere, they have a number of years to put a decent 787 together, so will happily wait for that.

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Actually it is. Much of the development work (and bug fixing) tends to go to complex FMS calculations and autopilot modes. The ATR72-500 does not have a complex FMS or autopilot. It doesn't even have an autothrottle or FADEC - the throttles are fully manual. Turboprop beta range simulation would be the biggest challenge but since PMDG already did it with the Jetstream 41 it's not a major problem. Of course PMDG could go overboard and simulate circuit breakers but (IIRC) no one is that interested in pulling circuit breakers. PMDG did the DC-6 as a side project not because the systems are easy, but because there are no FMS calculations involved.


True, very true for that matter, but I stress how close to Boeing are and how they have it much easier when getting small amounts of difficult to find information.  Maybe we will see a ATR in the future but I personally, cannot see it happening...


P3D could change quite dramatically with v4.x and a possible move to 64-bit. And X-plane is always an option because FlightFactor did their own A350. It's very doable because it's mostly a difference in display format.


True, But remember, the FlightFactor is a lite sim.  It doesn't even support SIDS/STARS...  FSLabs would make a version that is 100000x better and would completely simulate the product.  Also, FSLabs stated that they don't have any interest in X-Plane, because, when you have bent over backwards to make an add-on for FSX/P3D, starting again and completely re-learning how to code the plane and everything is pretty exhaustive...


Which is why I said FSLabs should stick to older FBW Airbuses while PMDG focuses on newer Airbuses - that way the development efforts don't overlap with 2 dev teams developing the same thing. FSLabs simply do not have the resources to develop the entire Airbus range before their existing FBW platform becomes obsolete. I mean it's a minor miracle that they perfected the FBW Airbus, with proper control laws, alpha protection, autothrust and autotrim. With this foundation developers can now build the entire FBW Airbus range, but FSLabs simply don't have enough resources on their own.


True, you make a valid point, but I fall back on my already overused point, PMDG are very close to Boeing and have never made an Airbus before, and they probably won't go and completely forget everything about Boeing and move onto airbus...  Also, I highly doubt that FSLabs will just happily go and share their trade secrets and tricks that they exclusively use...


Well it's better than making another aircraft from scratch....With FSLabs the foundation is already built. The FMGC is not that big of an issue here for developers at the level of PMDG, it's how the information is displayed which is the difference. As for timing, FSLabs isn't just making the A319/A321 and the sharklets, they're also making a Pro version of the A32X, and then move on to the A330. 6 years is entirely possible, meaning 10 years+ for the A350/A380 - By which time P3D will probably become unrecognizable. This is why I think FSLabs should really seek out partners, and license out their technology.


Sorry... :( 

True, you make a valid point, but I fall back on my already overused point, PMDG are very close to Boeing and have never made an Airbus before, and they probably won't go and completely forget everything about Boeing and move onto airbus...  Also, I highly doubt that FSLabs will just happily go and share their trade secrets and tricks that they exclusively use...
Now with regards to the C-Series, people tend to forget that the C-Series is one of the most pre-ordered aircraft in history. IMO there's a strong case for the success of this aircraft and should a quality developer like PMDG stick their name to it I think it will sell well.


Lets hope that it sells well, regardless of who makes it! :)


There is a problem - the current production 767s does not use the same traditional cockpit as the older 767s. There are 4 different cockpit types for the 767 - Traditional, -400, Rockwell Collins retrofit LCD and Rockwell Collins large format LCD, Which will complicate development. The ATR72 has the -500 and the -600, but IMO they're better differentiated if PMDG wants to sell it as an extension for more money, as people are more willing to pay for a new variant than a retrofit cockpit.
With the 757/767 you have a lot of options, you got Level-D, FlightFactor, Qualitywings and Captainsim, all of which are somewhat decent products. With the ATR you only got Flight1, which is a FS9 product with FS9 models and their graphical artifacts, plus glitches in the FMS frequently causing CTD. The X-plane ATR is very 'lite' and the Virtualcol ATR is so 'lite' it uses default FSX gauges.


True again, and the 757/767 have a lot of PIP's around now!  The ATR's are a lot simpler but they are less common.  I hope to see PMDG make another awesome aircraft in the future though!


(I also am not trying to bag the ATR, I'm just providing my opinion) :)

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Update the NAVdata and FMC to use ARINC424 data so that full PBN can be done, with RF legs etc.

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To make 707 and to update MD-11 

Alaa A. Riad
Just love to fly...............

W11 64-bit, MSFS2020, Intel Core i7-8700 CPU @ 3.20 Ghz 6 Cores, 2 TR HD, 16.0 GB DDR4 RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6 MB GDDR5

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