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Speed-brake issues

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So often times my spoilers get stuck in the position shown here. Unbinding and binding the spoiler in Spad.next, FSUIPC and default controls whilst making sure there are no conflicting key binds does not seem to help at all. Even just using my mouse to move the spoiler recreates this issue. If I want to move the spoiler to off... it moves to this. If I want to move the spoiler to full... it moves to this position.

I have tried everything. Again NO conflicting keybinds and have tried binds in spad.next. fsuipc. and p3d. It is worth noting that I have plenty of Saitek equipment. 2 throttle quadrants. saitek radio panel, saitek ap panel, saitek  switch panel, saitek rudder, saitek yoke. Sometimes I dont even move my spoilers and after a few minutes, they revert to this odd position. I'm thinking maybe there is a conflict with the saitek panels being plugged into the saitek yoke usb port, though unplugging them does not resolve the issue. Also, the USB throttle quadrant is plugged in to a USB 3.0 port on my computer. The problem is also recreated with my other throttle quadrant that came with the yoke. Any amount of unplugging and replugging in does does help either


Sometimes similar conflicts happen with throttle, but only in GA planes... at least that I've noticed.



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You need PMDG forum bud. From what I cant tell there might be issues with the way things are binded in P3D vs FSUIPC, try out each one without another and see if anything gets fixed. What if you use theyboard binding the spoilers, do they work fine?

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