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Have an accurate options config for one of our liveries?

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If you would like to provide an accurate options config or corrections to one of our liveries, here are the requirements:


1. You must be actually associated with the airline in question and have access to the aircraft or its detailed records *currently.* If you are a customer who found an airline's FCOM online and made a config file using it, that is *not* what we're looking for with this. Many of the options do not show up in manuals, the manual you found may itself may be outdated, etc.


2. In general we're also trying to make options accurate to the date that appears on the livery - so a livery from 1992 would not have LCD displays, the ISFD, updated fuel and electrical standby systems, etc., even if the aircraft as it exists today in 2017 has them, because those options didn't exist at the time.


3. Certain livery configs will not be changing, regardless of what anyone sends in - these were created by people we trust and we defer to their expertise on them. Also, for legal reasons we cannot include accurate options for certain airlines. If you do one of these airlines, you'll be notified and the config will have to stay third party rather than being put into in the PMDG OC livery downloader. It is best to ask first rather than doing a bunch of work only to find out we can't use it! Please email me beforehand -




If you can meet the requirements above, then here's what to do:


1. Download the livery in question from the PMDG Operations Center's Livery Downloader module and load it up in the simulator.


2. Using the FMC pages located at MENU > PMDG SETUP > AIRCRAFT > DISPLAYS and MENU > PMDG SETUP > AIRCRAFT > EQUIPMENT, make all the options settings according to the real airframe.


3. Shut down the simulator after you're done.


4. You will find a file located at <simulator root folder>\PMDG\PMDG 747 QOTSII\Aircraft in the format "<registration number>.ini." So for example, our PMDG House Livery GE 400 shows up as "N744GE.ini" - this file contain the options configuration for the aircraft.


5.  Attach the ini to an email to me and I will integrate it into the livery in the OC.

Thank you!

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