ILS On 737 and 757

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I had a couple questions about the ILS on the 737 and the 757.


I have had these for a while, and before I got a new computer had the old versions. Since I got a new PC and updated them, the ILS never works.



On the 757 I've noticed a couple problems, the course dial indicator looks like 8s instead of 0s. I just assumed that it was nothing and treated them like 0s, however, when entering course to something like 355 for example, I can do the 3 and 5 correctly, but even if I try moving the upper or lower dials they do the same thing and move the same way. I'm using the latest version. The dials move in intervals of 10 making doing the 5 impossible. So I figured ah well no prob I'll try anyway.


So I start my approach managing flaps, speeds, set autobrakes and all, then right as I'm at the airport the glideslope makes me do a random nose dive and right before I crash the glideslope then makes me do a crazy climb and I totally overshoot the runway. Also the glideslope warning pops up and I actually don't know what that means. I know what most of the other warnings mean but not that. I even tried a missed approach and went around to try again and it did the same thing. Also was using VoxATC haven't tested with my new addon or default. It did work fine with default. I don't think ATC would affect that though.




Second question.



How exactly is the ILS preformed on the 737? I recently got the expansion packs, haven't tried on the 200, that one always worked, but the 100, I set the course and nav1 and 2 radios, and as I'm within localizer range I switch on auto app, and the autopilot makes me turn, but nowhere close to the airport, I've tried on two separate occasions. The second time I turned on auto app right as I got my approach vectors but it just made me turn immediately when I'm not within localizer range.


Also the glideslope works, but nowhere close to right, I'm descending and turning at the same time and no where close to the airport so I just end up crashing.


If someone could tell me the basics it'd be nice.'


One final piece of info, it all worked fine on default ATC. I haven't tried any of the other CS planes. I bought them all in last months sale. I am perfectly capable of doing manual approaches but sometimes I like flying in foggy weather and rain and such and it makes it near impossible to do that. I also like sitting in the passenger cabin and watching the landing from there. Can't do that on manual approaches.

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I can only offer assistence to your second question.

First, you should join the CS forum, there you may find many useful advise. But new users there can only read the forum, you have to post at least 10 comments before you are allowed to open a new topic.

Ok, here we go: To me, it seem there is a little mistake in using the autopilot on the 737. First, you must be sure to capture the ILS course in a correct way. There is no need to tune both radios, one should be sufficient. You can use the heading hold function to set a heading crossing the ILS course within 10-30°. If the NAV radio caputure the ILS signal, you will see the lateral and horizontal indicators on your HSI (white triangle for glide path and the course needle for lateral guidence). When the lateral indicator starts moving, arm the VOR/LOC button on the left side. The VOR/LOC light on the announciator panel will illuminate yellow. When the autopilot captures the ILS course, the HDG hold button will switch off, the VOR/LOC light will turn to green an the 737 will start turning towards the runway.

To use the AUTO APP function, you have to make an additional procedure. As always, you have to capture the glide path from underneath. So your current altitude must be below! the ILS before you try to capture it. So perhaps you establish your 737 at 3000 or 4.000 feet, and switch on the ALT HOLD function of the autopilot. When the ILS gets alive, the best way is to capture the ILS course first, with the steps described above, and when the horizontal ILS indicator starts moving (from the top towards the middle of the HSI), you can switch the VOR/LOC button to AUTO APP. The GLIDE SLOPE light will illuminate yellow. The ALT HOLD function will stay active till the 737 captures the glide path (white triangle in the middle). Then the autopilot will deactivate the ALT HOLD function, the GLIDE SLOPE light turns to green, and the plane will start to follow the glide slope.

Hope this helps a little bit :)


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