My experience with P3Dv3 and FSLabs A320...

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Very nice!
I really want to try P3D but because of the rumor of P3D V4 and I'm quite happy with FSX:SE now (smooth performance, just bad at VAS) that I will wait for the new P3D.
Hoang Le

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That is my wish too, to see P3Dv4 64 bit being released, but until then, not counting the time we will have to further wait for an FSLabs A320 update to that new platform, the monthly license at $9,95 isn't really a problem - just less visits to the cafeteria every month will pay for it, and I will consume less caffeine :-)

But above all what really surprised me was that even in my "old" i5 2500 2011 rig, P3Dv3 makes FSLabs A320 perform even smoother and the controls feel even more harmonious even in VC than what I was experiencing with FSX:SE, which is something I would hardly believe being possible...

In FSX:SE I reverted to the 2d panels ( and that's actually how I prefer to use detailed aircraft in a PC-based sim without VR ) and just one monitor, but I am seriously considering leaving it running in VC mode in P3Dv3 given the better performance I am getting.

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a few more days with P3Dv3 and FSLabs A320 just reinforced my appreciation for this perfect couple :-) 

The smoothness and overall performance is noticeably superior to what I was getting with FSX:SE. So far I didn't install Orbx FTX Global, though, and I don't know if that will bring down  the fps a bit. Anyway, I installed the 2d panel only version of the aircraft, which is still my preferred, not really because I was experiencing a bad performance with the VC, but really because I feel a lot more "at home" in 2d mode.

AS16 on a network install is also working better than in FSX:SE where I had some quirks with the shares...

Well, FSX:SE is gone for good this time...

Even installed the PMDG 777 which I paid a fortune for some 2 yrs ago, and was resting at PMDG's store shelves, uninstalled and useless... Guess what, it performs very well too, with it's VC cockpit, which is graphically really very good.

Prepar 3d really reached a much better, smoother level of performance than what I had experienced in the first releases I tried ( long ago ... ).

Happy simmer ( tubeliner simmer ) again :-)

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