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Reminder about Uploading Files

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Good afternoon library contributors,

Just as a reminder when you upload files to the AVSIM.com library. All files are required to have a readme.txt file (or something similar) included. The readme.txt file needs to have installation instructions as well as support information included. Support information can be e-mail, forums or any social media site that will allow someone to contact you. All files must be in .zip format. Full names are required as well under the "Author" tab.  Also, the title of the subject can be changed by the library administrators. Generally, the format is as follows (this is just an example). United Airlines "80's" Boeing 747-400 (N601UA). So Airline first, Special livery details in quotes, Manufacturer, Airframe type and then tail number if provided. Please refrain from using special characters in your file name as the system does not like them. Underscores are ok.

This should go without saying, but theft of intellectual property (such as copyright infringement) will not be tolerated. Violations can result in actions as small as file deletion and can lead up to permanent banning from the Avsim system plus any civil liabilities from the owner of the original material.

When you upload your file, it will be sent in a holding area so an Administrator will check it over prior to putting it in the library. I cant speak for the other admins, but I usually look at it in the morning, and again when I get home from work. So sometimes there can be many hours between when you upload your file and when it is submitted in the library.

Hosting your files here is a privilege and not a right.The Avsim administration can remove files at anytime if deemed necessary, We are all working together to ensure that we have the best and most diverse library possible. We are all volunteers in this endeavor so be patient with us when there are delays with processing your files or when we make requests. I promise you that we are working hard to ensure yo get the credit you want and deserve for your hard work. As usual, thank you for your patience and understanding. We are always available to answer questions either here on the forums or by e-mail at: library@avsim.com

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Brian A. Neuman


Proud simmer since 1982 using the following simulators: Sublogic Flight Simulator 1 and 2. Microsoft Flight Simulator 4.0, 5.1, FS95, FS98, FS2000, FS2002, FS2004, FSX (and unfortunately Flight!). Terminal Reality Fly 1 and 2. Sierra Pro Pilot, Looking Glass/Eidos/Electronic Arts Flight Unlimited I, II and III, Laminar Research X-Plane 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11, FS Aerofly 2, Lockheed Martin Perpar3D 2.X, 3.X, 4.X and 5.X and Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020). Not to mention numerous combat simulators and games related to flight that I have played with over the years.

System: Intel I7-7700K-Water Cooled, 32GB Ram, GTX 1080Ti, 500gb SSD, 1TB HD and dedicated 1TB and 2TB SSD's for Flight Simulators

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