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AI Traffic Question

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Hi all,

I've only just recently re-installed my Flight Sim 9 after being away from it for over a year.

In the past I have always used FS Traffic 2005 by Just flight which worked well but it was unrealistic.

My friend (a fellow FS enthusiast) has recommended I use realistic AI Traffic which I can implement myself.

I have no idea where to start and which is the best models to use etc.

Please advise, either payware or freeware. Preferably the latter and I have time to implement it myself.

Thanks in advance :)

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Well They all compliment each other. Flightplans that you may find on the aplpha india site will be the same ones that are used in the WOAI packages. Aircraft that are used in the WOAI packages will be from a variety of sources including the UTT website and also FAIB and older models such as AI Aardvark and The fruit Stand.

You can also find the flightplans and the base models/aircraft liveries in the libraries here at Avsim and other sim sites. So there is no answer as to which is better, but you will find as a beginner the WOAI package easier to install as it contains everything you need for one airline

Using resources such as AIFP you can create your own flightplans too


ps. there is no payware traffic program that is up to date.



Peter Schluter

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I've just had a quick look at some of the woai packages and i think you will find that there are more up to date and variety of plans from aig

As others have said the models mostly are pretty easy to get hold of faib, utt  and using these with aifp you can build up a nice ai airport reasonably quickly

The guys over at aig seem to churn out most the schedules of the big airlines regularly and update various paint schemes for each schedule

I've now got a setup were i have 1 set of ai models and plans that i use in both p3d and fsx,all seem to work flawlessly


Pete Little

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