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When ATC tells an aircraft: "ABC123, taxi holding point runway 01 (for example)" does that mean you can choose any of the available intersections for departure without notifying ATC, or do you need to go all the way down the runway?


Thanks in advance!

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I'd suggest that would be very poor R/T for precisely the reason you posit: it is horribly ambiguous. 

In the UK at least you should always be told which holding point to use.

In the example you give you would be quite within your rights to select whichever one you wanted. In practice,I would confirm with the controller precisely where they were expecting you to go first.

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From the sim point of view the holding point at the very end of the runway is the "active" one. So an ATC add-on will assume that is where you are heading. Depending on the ATC add-on one can go to another holding point and activate "Ready for departure" manually.  But in real life it would be seriously amiss for the controller not to tell you to which holding point you should go.

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