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Greetings Alex,

I’m not posting much on the forums, however  I just have to say how impressive work you pulled out with this piece of software. Even though I’m still discovering things. Would have some ideas for two additional features. Not sure if they are available and I just haven’t found them yet. If they are I’m sure you will point me to the right direction. Im still on 1.2 which is working fine for me just in case might need to know. However I don’t think these requested features are in the latest release.

The first feature could be called something like “my airports” or “favorite airports”. Try to explain in short why. Through the years I – as a lot of us - have purchased a lot of sceneries. However I don’t have all of them installed. I do it as I fly. So it would be handy to be able to add the airports manually to a separate folder to be able to filter them out and show them on the map. It would be a great help planning the flights.

The second feature could be called something like “dynamic zoom”. It would be cool to be able to define the map zoom level(s) for a particular phase of the flight. Three of them should be sufficient. One for taxiing, landing and takeoff to be able to see the airport layout with gates, taxiways and so on. Lets call it the Ground phase. The second zoom level - may be called transitioning phase for departure and arrival covering a larger area and the third for the cruise phase with an even wider view. The zoom levels should be user adjustable and the switching between them should be automatic. It would be triggered by altitude – above the ground or the airport when transitioning from takeoff to departure and from arrival to landing. The elevation is already available from the scenery. I’m thinking in the range between 100 to 500 feet for this. And when transitioning to/from cruise it would be in MSL. The altitudes should be user adjustable as well of course.

So what do you think. Is there a chance that you might be considering these options in some future release? Would be great to have them.

Thanks for your contribution. Keep up the fantastic work.

Alex, yes Im also Alex (Alexander Csik.)



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Hi Alex, :smile:

1.2.4 is the latest release. Nothing newer available yet.

Favorite airports is already planned as a kind of bookmark manager and user defined waypoints. You can abuse the measurement lines to mark locations for now. Far from perfect, I know.

Dynamic zoom is also planned since it also goes on my nerves to reach over to the second screen and zoom manually while flying.

Now all these are very good ideas, but adding SIDs, STARs approches and transitions took an insane amount of time. Most likely the next release will not have a lot of improvements like the ones you proposed, sorry. Have to see what I can sneak in.

Believe me, I'd rather work on what you suggested instead of fiddling with the drawing of approaches, holds and procedure turns for a week and more. :smile:

Alex (Alexander too)

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Perfect! Thank you Alex for your reply. If they will not make it into the next release that is perfectly fine. Just take your time and finish what you are working on now. I know it can be dangerous adding features during the development. The fact that you already considered these is reassuring that they will be part of this amazing soft one day.

Take care,


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