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Problems building panels

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currently I'm building a little homecockpit for flying smaller 2 engined aircrafts like the Beechcraft Baron or King Air. But I run into some problems building the panels and I need some advice.

I'm using 2 computers: one for FSX and one for Panelbuilder

Computer 1:
i5, 6600k, 4GHz, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD, GTX1060
Win 7 Ultimate, 64bit, FSX, Accellerator Pack, FSUIPC 4.963 (registered version), Panelbuilder Interface 2.97, some sceneries

Computer 2:
Intel Pentium G4400, 3.3GHz, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, On-Board-Graphics
Win 7 Ultimate, 64bit, Panelbuilder 2.97, PanelBuilder GPS-Add-On, ButtonMapper 2

I've got couple of questions:

Which interface should I use? Simconnect or FSUIPC?
I noticed that some gauges behave different depending on the used interface. The EGT-Gauge for example shows different temperature with the default Beechcraft Baron. And the Flap Position Indicator moves slowly from one position to another with FSUIPC but jumps with Simconnect.
Currently I'm using the FSUIPC interface because the Simconnect interface crashes sometimes when i operate the GPS, the radios or the autopilot.  
Are there any pros and cons?

How many gauges can PanelBuilder handle on one computer? In my current setup the computer for PanelBuilder has 3 displays connected. One for each pilot displaying the main flight gauges and one for the engine gauges, the radios und the annunciators.

I need some advice on configuring some annuncitors:

  • How do i configure an annunciator for the parking brake?
  • The default Beechcraft Baron has an annunciator which lights up when the flaps are down and the gear is up. How do I setup such an annunciator with PanelBuilder?
  • How do I configure a Fuel Crossfeed Annunciator? I could not figure out which values i should use in the configuration. Is there any kind of manual or list of values which could be used for the annunciators? I looked in the FSUIPC manuals but couldn't find anything helpful.

And I think I found some bugs:

  • With the default Beechcraft King Air the Prop RPM gauge is not working. The gauge allways shows max RPM.
  • With the default Beechcraft Baron the Cowl Flap Indicator only works for engine 1.
  • The Fuel Select Indicator does not show left crossfeed.

Any hints or suggestions will be appreciated.


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Simconnect or FSUIPC? It depends what aircraft you are using and if you want to modify offsets in FSUIPC. The simconnect interface is quicker, but not as flexible as the FSUIPC Interface which allows modifying offsets. As the FSUIPC and simConnect variables are different, some instruments might behave differently.

There are various annunciators available. The most flexible is the single or single rd annunciator for various systems (general, engine, lights) that can be configured for various events. Add it to your panel, then start the panel and right click on the annunciator. The select the function you want. You can also modify the data that is sent by modifying the interface configuration files. Please refer to the User Manual, at the end it explains how to do this. This way you can implement features that we currently don't have. Here is a list of simconnect variables: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc526981.aspx

You can also directly modify the interface configuration files. They are kept in:

C:\Users\[YOUR USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\simPlugins\PanelManagerPRO and are called simpluginsFSX.ini and simpluginsFSUIPC.ini . I suggest you make a backup copy first before changing them.

The fuel select indicator only shows, off, left, right both and is modeled after a Cessna 172.

There is really no limit of how many instruments you can have per panel, it all depends on your computer. Each instrument is a separate application/executable and therefor runs independently. They are small, so memory is not an issue. 

Reinhard Hussel


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In the last couple of days i did a lot of testing and found some solutions for the problems i had with Panelbuilder:

  • I could prevent the Simconnect interface from randomly crashing with the windows option "run as administrator".
  • It seems that Panelbuilder works much better with the Simconnect interface than with the FSUIPC interface. The annunciators work as expected and the RPM gauge shows the correct prop rpm with the default King Air.
  • And i learned that it is useful to use the ComsChecker tool to see how Simconnect variables change and which values they have. These informations can be used to configure the annunciators or gauges.


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Just as a side note, we just released version 2.98. One of the changes is a new FSUIPC Interface for FSX/P3D and the FSUIPC A2A Interface.

Reinhard Hussel


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