Saitek Radio panel and Switch panel with the Linda module A2A C172

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Hi guys,


I'm new to Linda but this post looks promising. However I'm having difficulties getting my Saitek Switch and Radio panels up and running.

I've installed the latest Linda and the A2A C172 module 1.0.3. I've checked that there is no more default C172 entry. I've copy pasted as suggested:

To apply the default assignments to the panels, copy the contents for the panels in use from config-Saitek.lua to config-hid.lua (both found in /modules/Linda-cfg/FSX Default)

Saitek original driver have never been installed, I have run SPAD and SPAD.NEXT, but I make sure they DONT run together with Linda.

When I run the A2A C172 I sync Linda with the A2A module and the joystick entries seem to been good. However the Radio panel doesn't behave as expected e.g. the Top innerknob decreases the frequency when turning clockwise...while the joystick entry shows "SAI RADIO1 Incr 1 kHz"

I would like to get rid of the ADF2 display and to have the frequency selector knobs make bigger adjustments. At the moment it takes forever to change the frequency. P did see an option in SPAD to change the steps (....kHz). 

On the Switch Panel I am having Master BAT and ALT issues...even when assigning the special SAI joystick commands from the ELEC group.


Any help is very much appreciated!



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Hi Vincent

Thank you for reposting your question here. I have the A2A working with LINDA 2.9.3 and the A2A C172 module so I will see if I can answer your query. The Saitek functions are contained in the LIB-Saitek.lua library and actioned in the common.lua file.  

The Saitek Radio Panel uses the config-saitek.default settings unchanged. I was able to test this by display the A2A Quick Radios window (Vehicle/Instrument Panel/Quick Radios). Selecting the required mode and turning the knob changes the values and pressing swap changes the values to the active setting. Due to display update delays, inputs should be made slowly. Further work is required by me in this area.

I have checked the SAI Radio1 functions. The increase KHz, decrease KHz, increase MHz and decrease MHz should be allocated to buttons 17, 18, 19 and 20 respectively. These are working correctly for me and in the correct sense. The code for the Saitek panel was done over a weekend by another programmer much clever than I. I can offer no advice on modifying the code to remove the ADF2 functions or speeding up the operation. Any changes you make should be done in the A2A C172 aircraft's user.lua file. Any functions with the same name will replace the existing ones. I advise against modifying the core Lua code and updates issued will overwrite any changes you make.

Now to your question on the Saitek Switch Panel. The config-saitek.default is configured to work with the FSX Default aircraft and should be copied into the config-hid.lua file in the /linda-cfg/aircrafts/fsx default/ folder. This you say you have done. However, as more advanced aircraft add-ons (A2A, PDMG, Aerosoft) do not conform to the Microsoft default configuration, changes need to be made.

For the A2A C172, you need to load the aircraft and select the Switch Panel on the Joystick page. You then need to assign the appropriate A172 functions to the OnPress and OnRelease from the A2A_C172 Module functions in the popup menu. For the battery (switch 1) you need A172 Battery on (OnPress) and A172 Battery off (OnRelease). Switch 2 should be A172 Alternator on/off, Switch 3 uses A172 Avionics on/off and so on.

I hope this answers your questions. I have further work to do in this area to improve the support for Saitek panels.



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Hi Scotflieger,

Thank you very much for your reply. Regarding the top inner frequency selector which refuses to INCREASE, maybe there is still a conflict with the drivers from SPAD.NEXT. I figured deinstalling SPAD.NEXT and rebooting the PC would clear those...but maybe I need to do more. Could it be related to the Saitek drivers for the ProFlight Yoke? I did see in other posts that the frequency changes need to be done slowly. It truly is a big difference compared to SPAD, so if that could be improved in Linda it would really benefit the immersion.

As for the A2A C172 Switches, I already tried the commands from the A172 module. But I will do another clean install of both Linda and the A172 module.

I won't give up on Linda just yet haha. I am especially looking forward to get more switching functionality with my FSLabs A320, but first things first. I will keep you posted when I have everything running smooth with the A2A C172 Saitek project.


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Reinstalling LINDA or the modules will not change the way it is working for you. 

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