Moving FSX(SE) to P3D v3

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Hi everyone,
I believed I am not alone in the middle of these 2 simulator so I will post this to share my own experience.

I have been using FSX:SE for a year(and Flight Simulator almost 20 years) with lots of investment into the simulator, both hardware and software. For many reasons, I never thought of getting P3D until recently I upgraded my graphic card. I still get low performance, I think I deserve more, especially what I have put into this hobby. So I gave P3D v3 a try. With most of my addons are compatible and refundable in 60 days, why not?

I was surprised, the performance and graphic outrage FSX in every aspect.

I bought several addons for P3D (FSL,PMDG,AS16...). Running some tests between 2 simulator and right now, FSX:SE is only a test bed. In P3D I get double the frames even when using complex aircraft (FSL,PMDG) with heavy scenery, much smoother and almost no stutters. The only pause I have is loading FSDT airports when approaching. The simulator is smooth as silk.

P3D is not that great, but it uses my hardware more proficiently, and it "uses" my money much better than FSX. FSX only uses around 20% load of my GPU while P3D uses as much as it need, even 99%. Having spent couple thousands into the hardware, I want it not only an eye-candy machine but also a workhorse.

Last thing, people say about VAS leak, currently I am using GTX 10 series with latest driver and I haven't seen any VAS leak. I have tested it in the most basic configuration. So it really depends on your addons and config. I will do more test as I fly.

Having to rebuy PMDGs is the only thing I am not happy, but it is what it is.

Hope it helps,

Hoang Le

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