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The plane in Spain stays mainly above terrain...

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X-Life's ATC doing its best to ensure that my 300-plus virtual holidaymakers and I do indeed end up being ex-alive, as it insists on vectoring me into the 11,500 foot high Sierra Nevada mountains whilst being told to descend to 2,600 feet on the approach to Malaga. It's a good job that A350 has a terrain profile radar lol...

Passing Bilbao at 38,000 feet, before the fun ensues...


Coming down into the mountain range and suspecting those vectors aren't going to end well...


Hmmm, down to 2,600 feet eh?, well that doesn't look too good on the PFD's terrain profile display, and the cockpit audio alert is telling me I'm getting pretty low too...


Firewalling the thrust levers and pulling up over the mountain whilst the 'terrain, pull up' warning goes off. Well, at least I know that terrain warning works now...


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I had something similar to FAGG.  Once I realized that I could be making acquantaince with the nearby mountain range, I ignored the descent instruction, and only descended to the requested alttitude AFTER clearing the mountains.  Besides repeating themselves a few times, ATC continued as normal after that, as if I HADN'T delayed responding to their descent instruction.  This was FSX and Pro ATC/X.  Since then, they haven't tried to fly me into any mountains, got me rather close to them into KLAS, but not enough to even trigger the EGPWS, but did have me eyeing the yellow and red blocks on my terrain radar.

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