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FSW looks pretty good to me for EA

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I had some time this morning to install and try this out. I've done a couple flights between KSBP and KSBA in the DA40 and so far I think this is a good start.

Problems seen so far:

  • Many things still broken in the G1000, I could not look up dest airport radio freqs. Going Direct To is a problem because it's near impossible to enter the identifier. Text ends up garbled. Trying to type an ID with the keyboard results in duplicated characters. The G1000 is not really useable yet IMO. Tried loading a Proc and then go direct to one of the intermediate waypoints but could not make it work. Click spots for inner/outer knobs are unworkable in 3D, you have to use 2D popup to hit those click spots
  • Display settings are too dumbed down. Give us access to all the settings via the GUI, including LOD_RADIUS and WideViewAspect. To make the sim look nice I had to tweak FSW.cfg, just like Flight School. This needs to get fixed asap.
  • The flight planner is ridiculous. The FSX flight planner sucks, but it's way better than this thing. Please let us use IFR/VFR, airways, waypoints, add a route finder etc.
  • How do I create and file an IFR flight plan?
  • FPS is considerably lower than FSX, though it's running acceptably smooth. The FPS was low even with the default settings I started out with. I assume this will improve as it's probably not been optimized yet.
  • I also did a short flight to KSMX, and noticed the taxi signs were really huge. Might be an AFCAD problem, but it's not like that in FSX.
  • How to I make sim time the same as my system (ie local time zone). Seems I need to hit Reset in the time of day dialog. FSX had a checkbox for this. Please don't dumb things down.

Fixes I made to FSW.cfg:

- Increased LOD_RADIUS to 8.5, then to 12.5. I didn't notice a performance hit but I think the sim looks better

LOD_RADIUS=8.5  // or try 12.5

I tried 12.5 and flew around KSJC, a very dense scenery area. FPS does take a hit, but still acceptable. Actually much better than flight school did.

- Enabled WideViewAspect. Seriously, this should be enabled by default.


- I also tweaked traffic levels individually

Good things:

  • Greatly improved cockpit shadows compared to flight school
  • Windshield rain very nice
  • Nice looking aircraft with detailed cockpits. The DA40 is a bit squirreley on takeoff with a crosswind but otherwise flies nicely.
  • I'm glad to have some weather configuration. Looking forward to seeing the feature fleshed out and/or have access to external weather engines
  • AA seemed good, without needing to tweak Nvidia settings

I'm liking it, it's playable and I'm going to continue to try out all the aircraft.

Please please please make the SDK available and get your freeware story sorted. I'd like to make some scenery for this sim.


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