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In preparation for P3D v4, how to completely remove P3D v3?

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I heard that FTX Central3 is going to be compatibel with V4 and automatically install to V4 from your previous version so i am holding off clearing P3Dv3. Seems  to safe a Day or 2 installing and looking up license details. 


Thanks Michael Moe 

Michael Moe




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Yes FTX Central will look for installed scenery on existing sims & copy that across before downloading from the net, so if you have installed Orbx scenery I wouldn't uninstall a previous version straight away.

They do co exist without any issues..

Cheers, Ross

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I'm also a happy ccleamer user in win 10, very reliable program. As mentioned by a previous poster, it always prompts you to backup registry before cleaning this.


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14 hours ago, ErichB said:

I believe the cleaner asks you whether you would like a back-up before cleaning it.  As with all other fora dispensed advice, this comes at your won risk.  However, from my experience, I've never had any kind of corruption or OS failure from regular registry cleans.  I do it everytime I uninstall my base sim as a matter of routine ( and also frequently in between)



I do it every day, before I shut down the computer, and as you stated, no corruption at all.

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I re-format my SSD every time a new version of the simulator comes along ... 

The perfect time for that thorough 'spring clean' 😀


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Just to throw another opinion out there, I used CCleaner to clean my registry some time ago and my computer would NOT boot normally afterwards.  I did get it going in safe mode and used the backup to get things normalized.  I know CCleaner does well for most folks, but when it bites you it hurts like crazy.

Curt Branch

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This might be a stupid question but do you uninstall addons as well prior to the uninstall of P3D?  When I do the uninstall I want a clean uninstall and not traces of some addons.  But I would assume that as long as it's in the P3D root folder that everything will get wiped properly when uninstalling the client.

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I uninstall add-ons first, then uninstall P3D. Lastly, I delete any remaining P3D folders, which has already been mentioned.


Todd Harrell


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Sim: P3Dv3

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