PNG Tour R2 – Return to the Highlands (UPDATE)

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Mike has asked me to take over planning for this week’s flight in PNG.  We will start from Madang (AYMD) a head east over the Bismark Sea and into the Finisterre Range where we will land at two a series of remote bush strips located in the heart of the range.  The airstrips in order are:

  • Tauta (TAU)
  • Saidor (SDR)
  • Nankina (NKN)
  • Bambu (BAM)
  • Teptep (TEP)
  • Dinga (DIN)
  • Dinangat (DNA)
  • Wasu (WASU)
  • Indagen (IGN)
  • Lake Gwam (GWM)

Then we proceed to the Lae’s airport: Nadzab (AYNZ), and time permitting re-group for the final push to Tapini landing at some or all of the following fields.

  • Zenag (ZEN)
  • Bulolo (BUO)
  • Garaina (GNA)
  • Erume (EME)
  • Tapini (TAP)

The total length of the route is 249nm, same aircraft as last week. 

Please review the scenery recommendations in Mike’s announcement here

Flight Plan is here.




Folks,  MM brought to my attention that most of the Finisterre Range bush strips are ONLY in the PIS scenery and not all participants have those.  I propose that we use the alternative (BLACK CAT) flight plan that Mike developed which is HERE


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Hey Guys,  make sure you start your flight with a "healthy" start - breakfast. If time allows, maybe I'll catch up with you via Duenna....


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Jeff's design is a whole lot more fun! These Finisterre Range airstrips are beautifully placed and provide a set of enjoyable airmanship challenges. (Pilots with PIS might well fly Jeff's terrific plan at another time.) But there is something to said for our focusing on airfields that everyone has.

Note that we have specially constructed versions of Tauta (TAU) and Dinangat (DNA) by our own Nick Wood. (These quick creations are bare-bones grass fields which will be fine. They will miss the runway slopes and the eye-candy of PIS. But they do provide a sense of how the airstrip sits in the terrain.) The rest of the airfields are in FSX/P3D. Again, PIS will provide more eye-candy than default FSX/P3D.

If you don't have PIS, you can get Nick's special airstrips here. (This file is updated to include DNA.)

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I'm one of the probably few who don't have PIS installed and I don't mind flying to the airports without the eyecandy! As long as there is a runway I could land. If not I could overfly that airport, no problem.

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Hope you all had a good flight yesterday.  Where did you guys finish? Am working on a plan around Tapini for next Saturday, am wondering where to start it from.

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Nick. Special thanks for the NW-Special for DNA. Circling into that mountain-peak-surrounded field -- in swirling clouds -- was a great pleasure!

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Guess I can join you guys now this Saturday :gaul: , except if going local flying after another fly-in breakfast. (9WS2) Parked & ready to go.
Have a great week!









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