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Preparation for Prepar3D v4 - Controls

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I am waiting, like I know others probably are too, for the latest iteration of FSUIPC for Prepar3D v4.  The main reason I use it is for control assignments, particularly for controlling the autopilot, setting toga, and reverse thrust per engine.  Using FSUIPC I can set a keyboard command and assign that to a button on my yoke, I can also assign individual engine reverse thrust using FSUIPC using 'Throttle x Dec' and 'Throttle x Cut' functions to the reverse button on and release on my throttles.

My question was raised as Pete had been pondering whether or not he'd update FSUIPC for P3D v4, and fortunately he decided he would and it should be released soon on simmarket.  This got me thinking, is there an alternative to do what I have been doing with FSUIPC that I am simply unaware of?  I've done some searching but I could be looking for the wrong thing, I'm really not sure.

Does anyone have a view?  I have looked in the P3D settings for controls, and you can assign reverse thrust, but it's generic covering all engines.

I'm posting this question here in the hope other PMDG users might be able to shed some light or suggest alternative ways of doing this.


Craig Read

Craig Read, EGLL

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The engineer in me likes to keep it simple, and I would do away with FSUIPC were it not for a few things such as you mention that require it.  I plan on simply renaming FSUIPC4.ini to FSUIPC5.ini and moving on, much as I have already imported the v3 controls into v4.  I don't plan on spending much time on this aspect of configuration for now.  Too many other fires to put out.

Dan Downs KCRP

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I'd also prefer to keep it simple and use Prepar3D's system for my controls. The reason I'd use again FSUIPC when available is:

  • Filter options in controls, to remove possible spikes
  • Response curves. I usually use these as they seem to make the response more realistic.
  • Autosave function, as it's always better to be covered in case of  a P3D crash.

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Isn't LINDA doing the same? I have never tried it so I can't give any information, but I read about it on the A2A forums every now and then.. 

Why I use FSUIPC is the fact that I use a yoke for aircraft with a yoke and a joystick mounted in front of my chair for aircraft with a stick.. and as you can not assign different buttons to the P3D default control settings for every aircraft but have to use a global button assignment FSUIPC has always been my program of choice.. If LINDA did the same.... (?) Maybe it could be worth a look for both of us :laugh:



I've just noticed that it uses FSUIPC to connect to the Sim ^^ 


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FSUIPC5 is out and working. Pete Dowson released it a couple of days ago. and it hit simmarket today


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I'll probably reuse P3D simply because it automatically assign buttons/axises depending on the aircraft type which make it very nice not having to change things in the sim settings.

Like I have a thrust controller that has two throttles. On Dual engine aircraft it's all nice engine one and 2, but on the 747, I'd use only one to control the 4 because it would not make sense otherwise, and on GA I could have throttle and mixture. All of that without ever changing the settings later :)

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