I believe this should be stickied or pinned. There are several threads going on about people trying to copy over existing add on airports to P3D v4 with success. But there seems to be a fair amount of confusion on a few others, including me on how to properly do this. Currently I am manually adding the scenery from P3D v4's World > Scenery Library manual and that for the most part has worked. But I also see people manually editing xml files such as add-on.xml, and addon.cfg and such. Is this really necessary? And then again, some add-ons include more than just a scenery and textures folder but also install files into Effects, Sound, and sometimes Scenery/World/Scenery folder as well. So my next question is how do we deal with those files when we want to install everything outside of P3D v4's default install folder, keeping it as clean as possible while having all our add-ons outside of that folder. How can this be accomplished? For example, I have moved over my Aerosoft Dillingham's Airport folder from P3D v3, and put it in a location called E:\P3D Addons\ and inside there I have made a folder called Aerosoft Dillingham, and inside of that there are Effects, Scenery, Textures. Sound folder... but there's one file that requires me to copy it into my P3D v4/Scenery/World/Scenery folder. I'm not sure how to deal with this file because I don't want it to be inside my P3D v4's default folder, so where do I place this file? It would be nice if someone can explain the process in detail or if someone can provide us with a video tutorial on how to manage these add-ons for P3D v4, it would benefit the community greatly.