PTA and A2A 172 Landing/Taxi Lights

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Hello -

I am running PTA with P3d 3.4 and the latest version on A2A 172. I am using the A2A custom lights during the install. "Landing lights illuminate ground" is checked in P3D setting. Running Nvidia 1080GTX with newest drivers.

I fired up the 172 at ORBX LOWI at night and the landing and taxi lights light up the runway in front of me beautifully. When I switched to dawn or dusk ( and it is almost as dark as at night) the lights are not illuminating the ground properly and it makes it near impossible to taxi around. 

As an experiment, I used the time preview from night to dawn and watched as the landing and taxi lights completely dimmed out before there was enough light to wash them out in the real world. 

Is there a setting available or parameter in PTA that can be adjusted to bring up the lights brighter during the these times?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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Hello - If there is anyone else out there running PTA and A2A's C172, I would greatly appreciate if you can check the taxi/landing lights while on the ground during dawn and dusk to see if you are getting the same results as me.


Thanks in advance,

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