JeanFrancois Isabel

What for download MD11 liveries for FS2004?

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They stopped providing support for FS2004 products a while back, so you can't get liveries from the PMDG website anymore. You can try to see if the AVSIM file library has what you're looking for. Also, PMDG requires you to sign your posts with your full name.

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11 hours ago, JeanFrancois Isabel said:

Hi, guys is normaly not download MD11 liveries for fs2004 at pmdg website?. thx


PS: Sorry for my bad english

Hi jeanFrancois,

Welcome to the forum. As kevin said, rules of the forum to have full name in your signature, though maybe as Kevin as done, you can build your name into your signature picture...

As a PMDG MD11 'pilot', I too was dismayed to see the liveries removed from the site, but, one of those things. When I looked on the AVSIM Library site, there are lots of PMDG liveries, including those for 2004. Just search for PMDG MD11 2004 liverie 

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