Reviving the RealAir SF260 SIAI Marchetti

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Hi repainters,

Recently I came across an old FSX favorite of mine: the Realair SF260 SIAI Marchetti. I spent countless hours in this plane several years ago. If I remember correctly this model was quite innovative at the time. Mainly because of its flight model and wonderful 3D gauges.

I tried to install the aircraft in P3D and to my surprise it worked perfectly. I believe the flight model and the modelling of the gauges can compete with many newer planes that were released afterwards.

The guys at RealAir simulations did an outstanding job...perhaps even ahead of their time. It's a pity they had to end their amazing work.

The only thing that did not quite stand the test of time I think are the textures. Inside and outside the plane looks a bit bland and honestly somewhat boring. Maybe a bit too clean and perfect. It could use some details, stickers/ decals and some wear and tear. The pilot could use some new clothes as well  (and maybe even a new face) ;-)

My repaint request applies to the outside of the plane as well as the virtual cockpit. I don't have a specific real world SF260 in mind. Perhaps it is easier to take one of the default liveries as a starting point and add some life to it.

The virtual cockpit at some points looks like no texture is applied. The trim wheel for example is plain white. The floors, instrument panels, throttle quadrant etc could look more interesting with some scratches, decals, stains etc.

Maybe it is also possible to put some fingerprints, stains or scratches on the canopy (like Realair did with their Lancair)


Perhaps I am asking the impossible. If so, please forgive me as I have absolutely no experience or knowledge about repainting planes.

Maybe my request is extending what re-painters can do but I have seen some amazing work out there.

I just felt this model could use and deserves a new life... ;-)


Thanks in advance!


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