[12JUL17] First Ever Triple Product Line Update at PMDG...

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OK I came home uninstalled every PMDG Aircraft and reinstalled after a download of all the three aircraft. Easy peasy. No issues. Went smooth  as expected. IT took me less than  15 minutes to do a complete reinstall. I had backed up the Navdata (since I had waypoint entries s for the Kaitak so I copied that folder back. Good to go. The Meat and Potatoes of PMDG aircraft install worked flawlessly

Now I went about reinstalling my liveries and it showed me that I already had some of the li=veries and I hit enter and then I got another popup and I hit entered... and then when I restarted Ops Center, it gave me a bunch of notification on liveries..wherever It said repair I took that option where I did not have that option I deleted the liveries.

And now when I go into P3D, I have a bunch of popups saying I have multiple objects with same title name. Sigh! If I go into the aircraft.cfg and delete those dupes, I would lose the sequence and I am thinking if there are gaps, it would not read the subsequent liveries. EDITED: I went and removed those dupes and renumbered the liveries in the aircraft.cfg.

I wish there was an easier way to manage liveries.

Next time, I think the best thing to do is delete the entire PMDG folder before doing this reinstall. Is there a downside to this approach? I see no value in not deleting the PMDG aircraft folders I keep all my AVSIM library downloaded liveries in a separate folder. I can always reinstall them one by one real fast.




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This issue has been written about already apparently the fix is to make sure you download the new operation center and not just the new aircraft.

      10 hours ago, downscc said:

Are you using P3Dv4?  The OC update that was pushed out a few days ago, the one that added NGX P3Dv4 to the menu and caused such a stir, included a fix for the problem.  The change log includes this entry, "Fixed: Livery restoration functionality in P3D v3/P3D v4 (User must run OC, clear any notifications, then exit OC in order generate new backup files and return to normal operation)". Hope this helps.

It was this thread:

Mark Trainer


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12 hours ago, edpatino said:

It seems you're not considering in your numbers the time that you'll expend to do the uninstall/installs and the restoring of the existing liveries, which counts the most, not only the downloads.

Cheers, Ed

didnt  need  to  re  download  the liveries   since  the oc  took  care  of  that   after  the install  which took about  45  minutes or  so  for the  3  aircraft

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