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SimBuddy? Has anyone tried this?

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Hi guys,

Just stumbled on this new online VA called Simbuddy (https://www.simbuddy.com/virtual-airline.php) looks very legit and cool. Has anyone used it? How is your experience? What other online VA or applications do you recommends? 

I've been using AH2 for sometime, but it is really not meant for airliner and is too buggy to use, at least for now.


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Looks very interesting. Might give it a try!

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I signed up for it, but haven't figured it out yet.



Robert Yunque

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I just signed up to this and love it. The only downside is the subscription, I'd rather pay a one off fee. It feels like a mix of FSPassengers and air hauler 2 (no where near as complex as air hauler 2). I have FSPassengers, air hauler 2 and fs captain, but for me this ones a winner and gives me a purpose to fly. I had a few months rest from the hobby and discovered simbuddy a few days ago and now it's rekindled my love for flying again!

Branko Markovic

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Oh wow, This looks interesting.  I will give this a go :)

Dean Farley

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