Getting Persistent Pauses - With only some sceneries and after 15 minutes

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I'm having some difficulties with pauses that only seem to be coming up when flying over the DD Washington X and was hoping to get some feedback to help me deal with them.  

I've been noticing after about 15 minutes of flying in this scenery area, I start to get 3-4 second pauses every 2-3 seconds.  The pauses seem to get progressively longer and and more frequent as I spend more time in the area.  Unfortunately, they have prevented me from completing a flight in to DCA to date.

Practically speaking, I know this is more likely related to settings than the scenery.  I am having a hard time tracking down settings that make a difference though and am only noticing this over Washington X right now.  

My simulator time for testing is not extensive, but I have not had similar issues at FSDT KCLT, FB KMSP, FSDT Hawaii (throughout the islands), or the New York area (FSDT/default city, no DD stuff up there).  I do fly almost exclusively in the PMDG NGX and utilize Orbx FTG/NA Land Class and AS2016 weather.  

I have tried reducing a handful of settings including VSycn (defualt on), LOD (defualt ultra), texture resolution (default 7 cm), AI traffic (default 50%), road traffic (default 45%).  Reducing any of these (by 1-2 notches) had no effect at all.  

Again, I understand this may be more settings related than scenery, but I thought I'd see if anyone here has any suggestions.  I was hoping it was something you've seen before and could direct me some appropriate settings that would actually affect this. 

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Hello....  I am getting these pauses with Flightbeam KIAD and i just tested Denver also and soon as i get within say fifty miles the pauses begin. I just updated the addon setup from FSDT and that is when this behavior began.

I am not seeing many report this until now


oh stupid me i just flew aspen to DFW and forgot about problem now a slide show at dallas. My first flight to dallas not to be enjoyed

Thanks for posting


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Fixed my situation by just reinstalling all airports right over the existing and they seem to work now now pauses..

Your air miles may vary


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