Change Folder Name "Rotorcraft" Under SimObjects to "Rotorcraft and Sailplanes"

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I'd like to change the name of sub-folder "Rotorcraft"

under the "SimObjects" folder to "Rotorcraft and

Sailplanes".......tried a simple Microsoft explorer

rename, but P3D4 would no longer see the folder

and the objects within it when P3D4 ran.....

Any help appreciated...

Thanks, John H



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I question the importance of this procedure really.

Anyhow... the simobject-paths are listed as per default in simobjects.cfg, located in %PROGRAMDATA%\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4.

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Hi John,

Don't do that. It serves no purpose and it might even break things. The rotorcraft folder should only contain rotorcraft. I don't know why you would want to do that, but If you want to create a separate folder for your sailplanes, create a separate subfolder under SimObjects called 'Sailplanes', open the %ProgramData%\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\simobject.cfg file and add a new entry at the bottom:


x must be one higher that the highest entry number present before you added the new entry.

Make sure the file is saved with UTF-16 encoding.

After that, move your sailplane folders to the SimObjects\Sailplanes folder you created above.

All in all, my advice remains to not bother and keep it as is.


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Hi there Simon and Marteen...thanks for your replies

and concerns....I am an organizational freak with many

aircraft...the only way I can keep them all in mind and organized

is to put them in separate folders under SimObjects....

Marteen...your instructions are spot on and work beautifully

....P3D4 (as well as the earlier version s of P3D) are robust

and can be modified/customized when approached carefully...

Cheers, John H.


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Hi John,

if you don't touch the core p3d installation (eg. simobjects folder and simobjects.cfg) you can use the xml-method.

Create folders of your airplane types outside the sim and then create a xml file like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<SimBase.Document Type="AddOnXml" version="4,0" id="add-on">
<AddOn.Name>e.g. My airplanes thats your choice</AddOn.Name>
<AddOn.Description>thats your choice</AddOn.Description>
<Path>your path to airplane type 1</Path>
<Path>your path to airplane type 2</Path>
<Path>your path to airplane type 3</Path>

The count of entrys in the file reflect the counts of airplane types you have.
Put this file in your documents/ Prepar v4 addon folder



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Thanks Mike...didn't think of that ....

Another, perhaps simpler question to all

who may see this......

How do you (if you can) comment out an

aircraft which has a folder under "SimObjects?"

I tried using "XX" before the aircraft folder name

(i,e., "XXBeech Duchess"), but that does not

seem to work...the aircraft still shows in the list of

planes...thought of "//" but you can't rename

a folder using "//"...

Why do I want to do this?...I have a lot of aircraft....takes a long time

to load....sometimes I'd like to "temporarily disable"

an aircraft but leave itsre folder in SimObjects 

to use at a future time...

Anyone have any thoughts?...

Thanks, John H.



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Hi John,

You need to 'comment out' the aircraft.cfg file. I.e. rename the aircraft.cfg file to something like aircraft.cfg.bak.


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The simplest method I use myself is to create a ..\Hangar folder and simply move the entire aircraft folder there. That removes it from the sim's sight.

Since you like "organization" (who doesn't?), you can expand on the idea to include sub-folders for aircraft type just as easily.



..\Hanger\et cetera

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Thanks Guys.....really appreciate the help...

You all are my heroes...and what make

this hobby so enjoyable...


John H.

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