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RAAS - AFCAD or other data?

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I was trying to go over the documentation again but I could have sworn that I read somewhere that RAAS uses the currently active airport AFCAD for call-outs?  

I was curious because my home airport, KPUB, I made a new airport from scratch that represents the current airport and buildings as it is today, with the new runway and closing of the old runway.  However RAAS freaks out when i am on the new runway, saying "On Taxiway, On taxiway" when i am indeed on the new runway.  It also thinks the main runway still has the old numbers.

Is there something in the AFCAD or some other code I need to add somewhere to get RAAS to recognize the airport's proper layout?

I want to be sure I do everything I can on my end before I release the airport publicly.

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RAAS uses the data provided by the MakeRwys tool by Pete Dowson. If you run that again, the issue will probably be solved.


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Awesome.  Thank you.  I have never used that tool so I will google it tomorrow when I get home from work.  Sounds like a simple enough fix.  Thank you so much.

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Sweet.  Downloaded.  The Readme in it also stated for P3Dv4 to run Addon Organizer, which I found and installed.  The result:  


All main data files produced okay

Total Airports = 24484, runways = 54164

Sounds about right to me.  Also, in case someone else stumbles on this thread, the link to the Addon Organizer in th PDF will click to a 404 error.  But you can get the program here:


All i did was install it.  I never ran it.  But as I watched Make Runways do it's thing I saw it reading directories out of the v4 addon folders okay, so it seems to have worked.  Going to test it now and see what happens in the sim with RAAS :)

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