Orbx OpenLC North America not fully looking right, maybe? San Francisco Test?

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I may or may not have an issue with my setup on p3dv4.  I decided to turn off FTXSCA/NCA for this test.. i also have UTX installed.. typically i turn off the "custom landclass" 3 options.. but for this test.. in one image i have OPenLC off and UTX fully on to show the landclasses that show up.

When i turn UTX completely off, to truely see what OpenLC is doing.. i feel like there are many "city" landclass structures missing based on the UTX shot.  Any chance anyone can try this comparison and share results to confirm or deny an issue here.. feels off to me.

Here are the two screen shots:

UTX ON (full), OpenLC off


OpenLC On (utx off)


LC off, utx off



For reference here is the openlc order in my scenery library:



**I should add, that all my ftx entries (openlc included) are generally together in the library near the top, then the regular airports (non ftx) then UTX entries and so on.


Thanks in advance

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I decided to install a clean folder for p3dv4 and try all this again.. the results were slightly different and odd..

In this "browner" hills shot.. this is using a cleaner scenery.cfg file and a Fresh install of p3d and orbx (orbx is fresh):



Then. if the only change i make is to switch to my full blown ORBX installation folder.. i end up with this (scenery.cfg is identical)..



I'm not sure what it is about my "dirty" full blown orbx folder that is causing things to shift towards the greener side.. i think this greener one looks better, but i'm not sure what its really supposed to look like.. there is less building land class in the greener hills (dirty orbx) one as well.. again in either case scenery.cfg (and terrain.cfg) are identical, but the orbx is different.

Also.. for some reason i'm missing extra "default" buildings than when i first posted in this thread.. i'm not sure what was giving extra buildings then.  Maybe something in the dirty orbx was generating them even though back then i had them turned off

You can also see beaches at the top edge of the land in the "dirty" but greener screen shot.. i couldnt generate this on the clean install.. again unsure what is causing that.. i think the shorelines is expected with OpenLC at least, unsure on UTX

EDIT:  i think it was orbx trees causing greener (brain fart) still looks better than my original tests in either case.


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I did further diggin.. figured out at least, "Why" the clean install of LC NA looks different..

Some fresh images, different view point (seems too, my previous posts in this thread, the pics vanished for some reason)

Here is the old "dirty" install after some time and other installs..dirty1.jpg

Now here is the pristine/fresh installed one, note above, on the "dirty" how the coastline is more distinct and the area to the right has less buildings.. i like the coastlines, but unsure if the right side is more accurate or not with less buildings.. compared to this pristine version (i think the clean one is more accurate building wise):

Clean1 (insert url photos arent working right)



In the scenery folder under OLC_NA1, there are two files in the dirty folder.. dated 8/31/2013.. 0_OLC_NA_REG_CPRHX_CVX_EXX.bgl and OLC_NA_REG_CPRHX_0LC.bgl which are a bit smaller than the two files in the same folder in the clean folder.. in the clean one they are dated 8/11/2016 and 11/5/2016.. so i'm thinking either another FTX product modified these to older dates or when an update occured it just didnt change them (and left the white coast lines in tact)..

Whats interesting is.. that this only seems to affect a few areas (or maybe just here, san fran).. did a few spot checks elsewhere and i'm not seeing a difference between either "version" of the openLC NA.

My conclusion. Mystery solved. The more pristine lc na is the more accurate and correct one


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