Dear users: I'm getting a lot of emails asking me what's happening with FS2Crew, so I'll answer them all in one place: So where are we at?   PMDG 747 QOTS II Version - Nearing completion.   We're just finishing off the voice sets and letting the testers spend more time with the product in an effort to identify any last minute bugs.  I can't give an exact release date, but it's pretty close. - In terms of style, this product is similar to NGX Reboot, which you all know and love . - It supports out of the box FSX and P3D, including P3D V4 - 64 bits. - It supports out of the box the 400 Pax and Freighter Version.     Ultimate Ground Crew X - It's still alive!  I received a new build just recently from my UGCX programmer.  It had some issues, so I sent it back to him.  This is an extraordinarily complex project, and it'll be ready when it's ready.  We won't rush it out the door.  It has to be as perfect as possible.   Pilot Assist Pro for Apple IOS (iPad/ iPhone) - This is our revolutionary new Apple app.  It's meant for real-world aviation, but simmers can use it, too.  You're going to love it.  It's amazing.  It's one of the best and most modern IOS apps for pilots I've ever seen.  Most are clunky, but this one is beautiful and modern. - ETA: 8 to 10 weeks give or take is the goal.   Here's a live testing shot.     Other stuff: - Time permitting, I'd like to make a P3D V4 64 bit version of FS2Crew for the iFly.  We'll see. - We have a secret project for FSX/P3D that we'll start on after UGCX.  It's different.  It's not flight or ground crew related.  More later