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Sukhoi SU-27 P Ukraine Air Force flying Display RIAT 2017 AirShow

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A REAL aeroplane. Power, grace, agility, unlike that late, overpriced ugly box of ballcocks that is the F-35. We should have built our two latest carriers to accommodate the navalised Flanker. Who cares if they don't hover? I believe the Flanker and the Typhoon will eat an F35 for breakfast in a dogfight. Oh, it's all about BVR these days, dogfighting is so nineties...... BVR? Well the Flanker's huge airframe can carry huge missiles with large BVR ranges and a huge radar to help combat stealth capabilities. Oh, and what if some rules of engagement state you have to close to visual range to see what you're trying to shoot down? Back to dogfighting again...

Phew. Ahem. Thanks for sharing, MUC-spotter!

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