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P3Dv4 multiscreen performance

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1 hour ago, AnkH said:

I am pretty sure that we can find the issue pretty fast...

The issue is doubtless simply trying to drive six screens, at least three of which are independent 3D views, with a sub-4GHz cpu and sliders set 'fairly high'. If the panels too are 3D (VC) views then the issue is compounded.


Core i7-7700K / 32Gb DDR4 / Gigabyte GTX1070 / 1080p x 3 x weird / Win7 64 Pro

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I use 3 monitors and never come back to a monitor, the immersion we have is good too. Few people have because of the high cost and difficult setup. In your case, 6 monitors is very much but if you want to give the most support, but you need to invest a lot in Hardware and also knowledge of Windows.

In my case I get average 30 to 39 FPS with my old Phenom 970 and over the GPU HD 7970 with graphics at + - 60 to 70% Full.

But to get at it without crash problems, OOM, etc ... invested in much knowledge of FSX and Windows.

I have a Triple Boot with 4 HDS of 2TBs and three Windows in each one, and I leave a Windows only for FSX and no other game, just not to give conflicts.

In the other HDs you have another copy of FSX for testing only, as I do not install anything on my main FSX before testing on FSX Cobaia. I have other 6 HDs for Backup, because I always do Full Backup of the image of each HD, because any problems I have how to recover without needing to reinstall anything. I use a good Firewall along with an Antivirus.

It was with these procedures that I have my FSX for 4 years without needing to reinstall and with more than 1500 scenario entries and no problems.
If you want a FSX or even a good Prepar3D, I suggest starting by leaving Windows only for a Simulator and not installing any other game or program other than for simulators.

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Thanks mate.

This computer is only for flight sim. I do not "play" any other games 

I (as mentioned) have just bought and installed two new GPUs I just recently (yesterday) found that during a flight I went down to 15FPS in FS9 which is very unusual.

I then noticed that the last few joystick assignments will not save and I have to configure FS9 virtually every time I fly. I think this may be a separate issue but..

Whilst mucking around in settings I noticed in Settings/display/hardware that I had 3 x screen resolutions (three screens connected - all 1920 x 1080) for my 1080ti but only 1 for the 1050ti>

Given that I have 3 screens connected to the 1050ti and all different resolutions (1080 x 1920, 1650 x 1080 and 1200 x 1920) I really feel that this may be significant 

Freaknout in his response said that I may have a configuration problem and this may well be exactly that.

Has anyone got any idea how to get FS2004 (at least) to recognize all my connections for the second GPU or has FS2004 actually got a limit to the number of connections to  the hardware.

I did at one stage long ago have 3 xGT 9800 VGUs with two monitors connected to each VGU but I simply cannot remember if each was recognised or not. Regardless, FS2004 performed well and they were only replaced chasing FPS in FSX when that came out.

I will be checking the configuration in P3Dv4 shortly and will get back to you all.



Tony Chilcott.


My System. Motherboard. ASRock Taichi X570 CPU Ryzen 9 3900x (not yet overclocked). RAM 32gb Corsair Vengeance (2x16) 3200mhz. 1 x Gigabyte Aorus GTX1080ti Extreme and a 1200watt PSU.

1 x 1tb SSD 3 x 240BG SSD and 4 x 2TB HDD

OS Win 10 Pro 64bit. Simulators ... FS2004/P3Dv4.5/Xplane.DCS/Aeroflyfs2...MSFS to come for sure.

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Hi Tony

I'm sorry that I can't help you any more than my previous (wide) comment but I can certainly sympathise with your situation. I never managed to get 3 screens working in FSX consistently in my system on Win7.

You are really pushing the boundaries and that your system is only as strong as its weakest link. In your case you are well endowed with graphics power but everything will still be managed by your cpu/ram/motherboard combo.

I'm in the process of moving to p3dv4 and am going to try again, wish me luck!

kind regards


Jason Jackett

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I have a strange similar, even if different, problem running P3D v4 on two screen (one of them with G-Sync).

I normally use the 2nd screen to move there additinal 2D panels (overhead and radio).

Everything is fine and normal (about 40-50 FPS) until I do not click with the mous on the primary (G-Sync screen): when I click the mouse the FPS drop down to 13-15 FPS.

If after I click the mouse on the other screen the FPS return normal to 40-50 FPS.

When I click again on the fisrt screen FPS drops down again and back to normal clicking on the 2nd screen.. and so on.

Has someone here an idea about what could cause that strange behavior (only in P3D v4, no on FSX or on other P3D versions)?

Kind regards


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Hi Simmerfriends,

I just found this topic and wanted to post my settings because in my case i got P3D4.2 running on 7 Monitors ... on only 1 PC and 2 GPUs (you can find details in my signature). 

To be honest, in former times i used to have TH2Go in use (also with FSX) which was fantastic in a way. But since Nvidia released its surround mode it was no longer necessary to use the Matrox device.

My setup right now consists of:

3 x 27inch Monitors (for Outside View running on 30Hz)

1 x 24inch Monitor (Overhead Panel 2D)

2 x 17inch Monitor (Upper, Lower ECAM 2D)

2 x 22inch Monitor (connected via Y-Cable) (Main Panel 2D)


A short video you can find here:

Landing LDDU FSLabs

Video was made in January on P3Dv4.1...right now i am on P3D4.2, improvement in overall performance especially because of the Update from FSLabs to Version .237.





Edited by MäxliBäxli

WIN 7 64-Bit, ASRock Z87 PRO 4, i5 4670k@4.4 GHz, Noctua NH-D14, G.Skill RipJaws 2133 16GB RAM, Gigabyte Aorus GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Xtreme Edition 11G

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Similar to Markus, I have 1 PC with 2 GPUs running P3DV4 on 6 monitors:

CPU is an 8 year-old i7-2600K; 16GB RAM, Win 7 on SSD and P3D on HDD.

GPU1 is GTX 980. One output is to a Matrox TH2GO and 3 x 27” widescreen monitors. The other output from that GPU is to a 2D cockpit display monitor.

GPU2 is GTX 760ti. Both are connected to 2D cockpit display monitors.  

I fly PMDG 737/777/747 into only payware airports with Active Sky weather and an AI traffic addon. I also have a yoke and pedals and 17 GoFlight modules including throttle. And i use an Android tablet with the wonderful Virtual Avionics apps to run the FMC.

Since my cockpit displays popouts displayed on monitors, i don’t fly in the virtual cockpit - only the straight ahead blank cockpit view (toggling as needed to the OH panel now that PMDG made it 3D only).

I get smooth 25-30 fps mostly with occasional dips into 10-15 fps at busy airports. My graphic settings are very modest - in most cases about 25% of full right. Some weather settings are higher but notably dynamic lighting is off.  

I am in the process of replacing my PC with a modern CPU i hope will allow me to improve these visual effects, but flying fluidity and operational complexity is what’s most important to me. I limit graphics features to preserve that.

The key to multiple GPUs in my experience is that only 1 GPU drives a 3D output. As Markus said that no longer requires the Matrox triple head device but i have it so i use it.

Good luck to all who read this!  Our hobby is challenging but rewarding...



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