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RAAS cannot callout (on ground) "Approaching runway 25L or 25C"

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RAAS B777/B747 Locked, P3D v4. Mega Airport Frankfurt v2.0 Professional for P3D v4

All call outs enabled in the RAAS menu. Lorby-SI Addon Organizer installed, and ran makerunways.exe successfully. R4.csv lists all EDDF runways correct.

RAAS does not call out “Approaching Runway 25C (on ground)”, it does successfully call out “On Runway 25C”

Interestingly, on the opposite end of the runway, it calls out “Approaching Runway 07C (on ground), and “On Runway 07C”

It does not callout “Approaching Runway 25L (on ground)”, it does however callout “On Runway 25L”

It calls out “Approaching Runway 25R (on ground)”, and  “On Runway 25R”.


In summary:


Approaching Runway (On Ground) : No Call out

1.       25C

2.       25L

Approaching Runway (On Ground) : Call out

1.       07C

2.       07R

3.       07L

4.       25R


Here is where it gets interesting. If I use the ADE AFCAD editor, and change the runway designation for 25C/07C to 24C/06C, followed by makerunways.exe, it successfully calls out “Approaching Runway 24C (on ground) and Approaching 06C (on ground)”

From extensive testing over the past few days, there appears to be a bug with RAAS not being able to call out “Approaching Runway 25C (on ground)” and “Approaching Runway 25L (on ground)" No issues if renamed to 24C/06C or 23L/05L etc. 


Can this be fixed?


Thank you

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Quick update:

Spoke with a P3D v3 user who is seeing the same lack of 25L and 25C call out (approaching on ground).

Switching to 24L and 24C and running makerunways.exe solves it. 

Why is RAAS currently unable to to say "Approaching 25L and 25C (on ground)" and yet able to say "On 25L/C"? It can't just be the words "25L/C". 

Please advise!

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2 hours ago, byork said:

Can you please try it at EBBR runway 25L.


Absolutely. Both P3D v3, and v4 EBBR default scenery, no "Approaching 25L (on ground)".

Same goes for KLAX 25L (default). 

At EBBR/KLAX/EDDF 25R the "Approaching 25R (on ground)" works and at any other airport. 

What is preventing 25L/C from working, globally?

Please advise. 

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Thanks for the report.

I'll pass it to my RAAS programmer so he can take a look,.


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Okay we fixed it.

It was just a sound file name issue (a typo basically) that affected runway 25L and 25C only.

Amazing after all these years how this was discovered only now.

At any rate, if any you absolutely must have the runway 25L and 25C fix before I release a general update to everyone, send me a support ticket.


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