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Clouds in VR a possible bug and observations

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I have posted this on the LM forums aswell

I'm having an issue flying through clouds using an oculus rift CV1. It seems as my depth perception goes out of whack while getting within 1000 feet of any cloud structure. If I turn stereoscopic mode off then everything is fine however everything else that uses depth perception is messed up. I'm finding with stereoscopic mode enabled that flying through clouds produces such an amount of eyestrain that it becomes very uncomfortable. I've taken some screenshots of both stereoscopic view and normal views in oculus rift. However I'm afraid that to actually experience the effect there has to be motion involved so the picture doesn't do this issue justice. Also the clouds are spinning like crazy and I realize there are just two dimensional sprites. My guess here is that one flying close to a cloud using stereoscopic view in my helmet mounted display there is an error when rendering the clouds close up. It seems that the simulator renders the cloud within inches of your face in real time instead of allowing your eyes to see where the cloud is thousands of feet away. The fact is I cannot focus on a cloud that is close to my aircraft therefore making it very difficult to steer clear or to break through the cloud layer with any instrument meteorological conditions. I am a real world pilot and I use this software to stay sharp at my skills. However this problem is really preventing me from getting the type of training and skills flying through clouds accurately. Oculus rift is new technology but this is a game changer for the simulation industry in my opinion. There must be some sort of calculation or setting that will render this so you don't lose focus of the cloud as you're approaching it. I have used other simulators and compared flying through clouds in them and I don't have this strange effect. In fact I can break through the clouds very comfortably without any eyestrain. They also used 2 dimensional sprites and yes their clouds also spin when turning your head inside or close to them but their depth perception within the cloud remains accurate whereas in prepar3dv4 it looks very painful literally. The best way I can describe this effect is the simulator is separating the cloud in each eye opposite of what it should be at a certain distance or proximity of the cloud. I've also noticed in stereoscopic mode that when I'm close to a cloud and they spin that if I'm looking at the cloud, in one eye the cloud will be rotated 20 degrees and in the other eye the cloud will be rotated 30 degrees. This also happens when the simulator is paused. This might be the culprit to the problem. So in closing I would appreciate a response from the team and I continue to fully support this product and program and its development into this foreseeable future. The simulation is the standard in which all simulations are measured in my opinion. I just want to do my part to help keep it that way.

Thanks for your time. Kevin

Prepar3d V4 notes
Current version P3DV4
SimConect Version 3137571
Windows 10 10.0.15063 build 15063
Processor intel core i7 6700k overclock at 4.6 ghz 
Bios American megatrends inc. 3401 1/25/2017
Baseboard manufacture ASUSTek Computers inc.
Motherboard Asus Maximus Extreme LGA 1151 z170
Memory16 gb ddr4 at 3200 mhz

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