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Correct install/config of 750

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Greetings. I've been scouring these threads trying to find a solution to a vexing problem re the use of the 750. Expert help greatly appreciated a this point after far too much trial and error!

Had it running fine, then installed  Carenado Baron + REP. Found need to start tweaking and something is now clearly out of whack.

Issues/questions as I identify them:

1. Does the plug-in for the Carenado install to its own folder or should it work off the X-Plane 'general' one in root folder. I use latest ver. of XP11. 

2. How do I completely uninstall the RXP GTN 750 prior to a re-install? Is it more than delete ProgramData folder plus the plug-in? 

3. I had the same issue as many others with the installer 'needing to update files for the Trainer', but I think that's now sorted. 

4. I see I have TWO GTN 750's available. I imagine this is normal. If needing only one, which one should I use? Does it matter?   Is their potential for conflicts? I mark just one unit as 'Master' and assume the other is therefore inactive?

5. Should the GTN 750 lock th default Garmin units in the Carenado Baron, B58, C172? Sometimes I can toggle the frequencies from these units (to check capture) sometimes not.

Cutting to the chase ...

The 750 lets me use all GPS features except capture LOC or GS, so that precision approaches via the 750 even with VLOC selected currently not available. 

I will happily send the Xplane.log or whatever else you might need.





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Hi Gareth,

I'll try my best but I'm not sure to understand all your questions.

1) Our Reality XP plugin installs in the general X-Plane plugin folder. Just let the installer handle this automatically.

2) There is no need. Anytime you reinstall, it overwrites existing files with the ones from the installer. The only thing that might require manual deletion is the GTN non volatile memory file if it has got corrupted.

3) This is solved now.

4) It doesn't matter, although by default (user changeable), GTN1 uses COM1/NAV1 and GTN2 COM2/NAV2.

NB: the "Master" is only when two GTN share the same resource, like the A/P. However, if you set both GTN to pilot side, the Master is the only one controlling the HSI, otherwise each one controls its own-side HSI!

5) Cross check you have enabled "Use Autopilot" (settings panel), "Master Device" (menu) and that your CDI mode is CDI, and your HSI source is GPS.

Jean-Luc | reality-xp.com
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Hi Jean-Luc,

Thank you for your prompt and helpful reply. Everything checked out ok so I decided the problem must lay with my Garmin Trainer installation. I searched and found multiple references to it all over my C drive. I deleted them all, and uninstalled RXP GTN for X-Plane. I then attempted to reinstall the RXP GTN but it did not try and reinstall the Trainer.

So went back to re-install from there. Question:  to reinstall can we do it from the RXP setup.exe or must we do it via the wrapper?  With P3D it always seemed to require the wrapper.

Anyway, the e-commerce installer required me to reactivate my key. Of course! But it rejected my log-in because it still requires me to use a password I have not used for 10 years now!  I sorted this out with the e-commerce Customer Service back in 2014 to enable me to use my current hotmail address. I have raised a ticket with them.

So I have no Garmin Trainer now and have stalled. I actually purchased it years ago for use wih FSX/P3D which I now no longer use. I would rather wait and let the RXP installer do it. 

In short this is becoming more of a nightmare than I really want in my 70's. I think it is time for me to walk away from flightsim. Sad but true.

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A few cups of coffee later and the Trainer is re-installed. Both the .dlls reveal no path errors and we're back in the air with the GTN, LOC/GS functioning normally. The readme.rtf instruction sheet was very useful, enabling me to redownload the Trainer.

Jean-Luc thanks again for your assistance.




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Hi do you have a list of aircraft that the RXP GTN750 / 650 is intergrated into the 3d panel??




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