P3D Menu drop down and FSDT

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I placed this in the P3D forum, then realized it should go here:

I started with a perfectly running P3D V4.  I purchased PTA Tweak Asst, PTAbsolute (free) and ENVTEX.  Installed PTA T.A., then loaded the ENVTEX textures, then used the PTAbsoute Natural Set .ini file.  Everything is looks GREAT!, Except....

I have no drop down menus, PLUS, I hit Shift Z and I don't get my frame rate information in the top left, I hit Q and the sound is off but no screen message, I hit P and the sim pauses, but I don't get Red Paused message any longer.  I have checked my cfg and all messages should be showing.  Here are the settings


I hit ALT key and the Academic License (which is still showing on the screen in the upper right corner funny enough) does move each time I hit ALT, but, I still don't get my drop down menus.  ALT Enter is no help as well.

There is one other anomaly I just discovered.  FSDT Charlotte is the only addon airport I have at the moment; and, it's the only airport where my aircraft does not have a shadow on the ground......hmmmm is there a conflict between FSDT and ENVTEX?  I say ENVTEX because FSDT Charlotte is the airport Matt used in his video and his aircraft clearly created shadows on the ground.  ?? 

I have deleted both the P3D cfg and the scenery cfg files to let P3D rewrite them, but no luck.  I'm out of ideas other than I can uninstall ENVTEX first and see if that works.  Then if not, I could uninstall PTA.   I would really hate to reload everything from scratch, so I'm hoping someone else has experienced something similar.


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New development.  I fly from downtown Charlotte at 500 ft towards the FSDT KCLT.  I'm viewing down on the aircraft from above and I see the shadow of the plane on the ground.  I get to KCLT and as soon as I hit the FSDT scenery the shadow disappears???

Of course I'm not sure if this has anything to do with the fact that I have lost all my drop down menus in P3D, but I want to point it out.

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