RXP GNS 530W/430W V2 X-Plane v2.3.5 Released!

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I'm pleased to announce the v2.3.5 is now live in your "Check Updates..."

Thank you all for your assistance with the release candidate!

  • New: Added "Power Knob Switch" setting.
  • New: Added wind vector to map page (requires Shadin ADC enabled).
  • Enhanced: Preliminary changes for X-Plane 11.1.
  • Enhanced: Further performance and stability enhancement.

PS: should you've installed the RC, check updates will not report the new version. You'd need to download the e-commerce installer from our website instead.

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Thank you for the update to the 430/530.

One continuing issue I just noticed was tapping the "screen" of each navigator causes them to vanish.  I was hoping this would have been fixed in the update as it's really distracting particularly when shooting approaches.

Is there a setting I can change to make this go away?

Thank you,


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Hi, there is no option for this in the floating window except all-or-nothing, that is you get all mouse click-spots including the screen, or no click-spots unless you depress the SHIFT key to override.

NB: X-Plane only supports left mouse button. It looks like with 11.1 we might be able to add support for right mouse button, but it will pose a problem for customers on XP9 and XP10 for which we have to find a suitable UI scheme.

It is a good idea, I'll see to it the next update has an additional settings just for the screen.

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Thank you Jean-Luc but I'm not sure I understand your response.  My problem is when I tap (or mouse click) the display area of the 430/530, the entire unit vanishes.  This is not an issue with your 650/750 units.  Would it be possible to treat the 430/530 like you do the 650?

I realize some users may want to hide them but it sure would be nice to be able to disable the "feature".  With my sim, I have dedicated monitors for the "panel" so there is no need to ever hide them.  I doubt I'm the only one.

Also, with this latest update (worked on the last one), there is no way to power-off the 430/530's.  In settings, I have it set to "avionics bus" but that doesn't matter.  When I turn off the avionics, the 435/530 stays on but all the avionics on the X-Plane panel do go out.  So, I know it's working.

Finally, really excited to see the pop-out panels with X-Plane 11.1.  If you could get a beta out there, I'd love to play with it prior to the release. 

Thank you for all the great work on these products over the years!

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Let me try to explain differently:

The screen has a click-spot usually for toggling visibility of the popup window. The GTN doesn't have the click-spot because it has a touchscreen which requires mouse interaction, whereas the GNS doesn't require it. However, like you've noticed, there is no way to also deactivate it, so this will be added in next update. Most likely you'll have similar settings as in our FltSim version, popleft= popright= except these will be true/false only.

As for the power off, it is a bug introduced in the latest update but fixed in our next update. We've delayed a little bit the update release because we're not only fixing this and a couple other minor issues, but we're adding new features as well. If all goes well, in a couple days we shall offer the next update as RC.

Another item we've been working on not only in the previous update but in the next, is preparing the plugin for XP11.1 and this adds to the overall time. The first step was to prep the plugin for the type of windows necessary for the pop out feature, the second step is prep the plugin for supporting right-mouse button (new in 11.1, might be not active yet in our next update).

Thank you for your kind words!

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